Saturday, March 31, 2007

Word Power

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Origin
There is much written and being taught nowadays about the power of words. Be very careful about the words you use or there are consequences. Is it really true that words have power?

Journalists, politicians, doctors and lawyers are very conscious about the power of words. Reputations have been ruined by the power of words; acts have been passed in parliament by the power of words; people have been cured or made sick by the power of words; innocent people have been found guilty by the power of words.

I believe what makes words powerful is the intent behind the words. The intent is one's state of mind at the time one is using the words. If I'm coming from a place of anger then words are a form of attack. However, when I'm coming from a place of joy then the words I use are infused with joy.

One of my ways of expressing joy is through the use of satire and banter. Thus, even though the words might seem like a putdown, I know the intent is to express joy. The only power words infused with joy have is to love and bless everyone.

Love to all.


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Vivre La Difference!

I noticed the bus I was on had a new toy: a Sat Nav designed for buses. At each stop a voice tells passengers getting on what the destination is. During the bus journey, the voice tells us where we are and what the next stop is. There is also a screen showing the bus' current location.

It did sound funny hearing the voice harping on.

"This is way too much information for my liking," I said to a passenger.

"I know," she said. "Do we need to keep listening to this? Why can't we have some peace and quiet?"

Both of us chuckled.

Another passenger said, "It's useful for people who have never used this route before so they can know where they are."

"You're right," I said. "It's also useful for blind passengers. I'm sure they had them in mind when they developed this technology."

"Yeah, probably."

After a while I switched off and even forgot about the voice. I also noticed some passengers getting on didn't bat an eyelid.

One thing that struck me about our conversation was how valid each of our perspectives were. Our difference view points make life interesting and a lot of fun.

Vivre la difference!


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It's Like...I'm Possessed or Something

The following piece, previously posted at my Vector8 Journals blog, came to mind this morning. I'm re-posting it here.

With love,


"Well, Ms Joseph, you speak about being possessed, would you like to describe what that feels like?"

"I don't know, it's just that I don't feel like myself. No, I feel like myself but more myself? No, I feel like a different person."

"In what way are you a different person?"

"I feel happy all the time. I mean, I wake up and I'm in total bliss. I could have a headache and still blissful. What's all that about? It's not normal, Doctor, it's utter madness."

"Hmmm! I see. What other feelings come up for you? Do you see things?"

"Oh yes, I see things but not things that other people see."

"You mean you hallucinate?"

"Don't know if you can call it hallucinating. I see Light."


"Yeah, light, not like light as in sunshine, this light is Light that is more beautiful than any light we've seen and it's wonderful to be with. This Light is me, you, everyone."

"What do you mean it's everyone?"

"Just that, everyone."

"Hmmm! Interesting! Do you hear voices?"

"Yes I do, one voice."

"What does the voice say? Does it tell you to do things?"

"The voice is always talking about love, how I am love, how everyone is love, how love is all there is. The voice inspires me to write about love. It's like...I'm possessed or something by love."

"Hmmm! Very interesting, go on."

"The voice also advises me on how to resolve problems I think I have. But the voice never judges me."

"Anything else?"

"Not that I can think of right now."

"Do you get a feeling of wanting to save the world or save others?"

"Good Lord, no. What makes you think of such a thing?"

"You don't see yourself as a messiah?"

"No way. The voice doesn't tell me to save others, if that's what you are implying. Why would I want to save anyone when everyone has the same voice within? Anyone can hear this voice when s/he listens with an open mind."

"What exactly is this voice? Do you know it's origin?"

"I, I know this voice is my real voice, my one true voice. And another thing, most of the time the voice is silent."

"If the voice is silent how does it speak to you?"

"The silence forms into's difficult to explain, but I get a sense of knowing what things are. I can look at someone and have a sense of knowing in silence and then try to put that knowing into words. Do you understand me?"

"Not really, but let's continue. You say you feel as if you've been possessed which makes you feel like a "different person." I want to explore this "different person." In what way do you feel different?"

"Like I said, I feel joyful and blissful all the time and that is not normal, is it? Is it?"

"That's what I'm trying to determine. Please continue."

"I used to feel depressed a lot and considered suicide many times."

"Aha, you have suicidal tendencies."

"I said I used to but then this, whatever it is, took over and I changed into this nice, loving, joyful person. I don't think about suicide anymore, I haven't for a long time."

"Hmmm! This is puzzling. You say you are always happy and blissful and thinking nice thoughts. I don't see a problem. Why are you here? Why have you made this appointment to see me?"

"I love feeling joyful and peaceful all the time. The thing is other people don't think it's normal. They think it's pure madness. Tell me doctor as you're the expert in these matters. What's wrong with being joyful? Is there anything wrong with me?"


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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Ordinary is Extraordinary

Every day I go about, what seems to be, my ordinary life experiences which I record in my blogs. It's remarkable the responses I've been receiving from readers.

Today, I received an email from a friend who discovered my blogs over a week ago. He said what I share resonates with him so much it's becoming an addiction.

Every day now begins with my morning cuppa coffee and a slice of Enocia. I go to your website and just randomly pick an entry from your site. And the miraculous thing is--whatever I randomly choose always turns out to be exactly what I need to hear that day. Frankly, it's starting to freak me out just a little bit.

All this is just to say thank you. I'm sure I'm just one of many, many people who are so grateful for your wisdom and humor and humanity. But now I am hooked. I can get through a morning without coffee but I'm lost without my daily Enocia.
Everyone's life experiences matter. You never know how or when you are being a blessing to another.

Thank you all for being who you are in your ordinary/extraordinary ways.

Love to all.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dreamer Without a Cause

I saw a friend who lives in the neighbourhood at the bus stop. The last time I saw him he was on his way to the local DIY shop to get some glue to fix his table. (See DIY (Do It Yourself)). I asked him if he'd fixed his table and he said yes. He said he was on his way to the shops. He asked me to get on the bus with him to the top of the road so we could continue chatting.

On the bus, my friend noticed a woman with her head wrapped, the way some Muslim women dress. She was with her son. My friend spoke Arabic to the boy but he couldn't understand him.

"Your son doesn't speak Arabic?" he said to his mother.
"No, he doesn't."

My friend went off on one speaking Arabic to the boy's mother.

"I don't speak any Arabic, you know," she said in a North London, English accent. "How come you know Arabic?"
"He used to be a sailor," I said, "before he retired. You've picked up many languages on your travels, haven't you?"

I could see that my friend's heart was in the right place in terms of trying to connect with the woman but judging by appearances is a tricky business. Fortunately for him, the woman didn't seem to mind and had a good laugh.

There's nothing funnier to me than people who make assumptions based on the fact that I appear to have a black dream body. As a black woman it's inevitable that I would be interested in race issues and attending consciousness-raising seminars. Speak to the dream hand, mate!

I am a dreamer without a cause.
I am a dreamer being the Cause.
I am the Lucid Dreamer.


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Photos of Friends

From time to time, friends email me photographs of themselves, their family, and their pets, which I store in a folder called "Photos of Friends."

Today my friend sent me a picture of a bear spotted in his neighbourhood. I was very excited to have another picture to add to the folder.

In my heart is a folder with photos of all ideas, all life forms, and everything in the entire universe.

The universe is my friend.
Thank you for being my friend.


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Being the Answer - Part 2

This morning, I woke up with a song in my head. I remember it was the same song Chris Sligh from American Idol sang last week. Why am I hearing him in my head? Does this mean he's been voted out of this week's show?

Instead of waiting till Friday when it will be shown in the UK, I decided to check out the American Idol website. Sure enough, Chris has been voted out.

All the best, Chris.

I am the answer!


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Being the Answer

A while back at the library, I met a young man from Taiwan studying English at the local college. At the time he was looking for someone to practise speaking English with. In return, he was offering to either teach Chinese or share his knowledge of the stock market. Well, his dream did come true in a funny way. He got to practise English with me and I wrote about him in an article called: Be Like a Little Child and You are in Heaven. Everyone's a winner!

The next time I saw him he asked me to help him with an English assignment. I haven't seen or heard from him in a while.

A few days ago I received an email from him about an English essay assignment for his upcoming exams. There was a list of topics he could write about. He wanted me to write a structure sample for him to follow. One of the topics I was drawn to was: "Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad/working abroad for a period of time." As much as I love writing, I didn't feel it was appropriate to write his essay so I emailed him the following:

T, I can't write your essay for you. Have faith in your own ability. Why don't you choose a topic you can relate to, write it and email me a copy, and I will check for grammar and email it back.
The next day, yesterday, I received his response. He said he'd written a short essay about an experience he had recently and asked me to check the grammar for him.

His essay was about his recent trip to central London to see some friends. At the local tube (underground) station he was told the tubes weren't working. He was advised to take the overground train to another station, where he could change to the tube. He forgot to touch in with his Oyster Card and he had to pay £5 penalty charge. When he arrived at the underground station, he found he couldn't enter with his card. At the information desk, he asked the assistant to check his card. It turned out his card was fine; he had simply been penalised because he didn't understand how the system operates. He asked how he could get his £5 back. The assistant gave him a telephone number to call and explain what happened and his money would be refunded. He explained to the assistant that his spoken English wasn't good enough to speak over the phone and asked the assistant to call the department concerned on his behalf, but the assistant refused. He said he felt "sad and useless." Soon someone turned up and called the number for him and his problem was resolved.

Funnily enough, last Saturday, I noticed the tubes weren't running and that there were buses laid out for tube passengers. My friend had obviously been caught up in the hullabaloo. It was good to see that he had used his experience to his advantage.

My friend had the answer within him all along; he was his essay. If I had written my friend's essay for him I would have deprived him of the joy of being the answer. All he needed to do was trust in himself and he ended up dreaming up an experience that he could write about.

It's interesting how my friend did end up writing an excellent essay about the topic I had in mind. I only needed to make a few grammatical alterations. I told him his grammar was very much improved and he should be very proud.

Being the eternal opportunist that I am, I'm using my friend's experience to write this dream article.

Everyone's a winner!


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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Flying with Awareness

As I was walking home it was very windy. I felt the wind pushing me forward. Instead of fighting the wind, I decided to switch perspective and simply be Awareness. I observed the experience without thoughts or meaning.

The wind continued to do its thing but it didn't have any impact on me. I was the sky looking down on the clouds with detachment.

I am Awareness.


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In the Pink

Years ago I had a waking dream.

While I was on a bus and I was observing all the cars around, I wondered why there weren't any pink cars. I thought that I would love to see them. A few years later I started noticing fuchsia taxis. Formerly most taxis in London were black now they come in different colours. A few years later, I started noticing pink cars, though they are few and far between. I've also seen a few pink taxis and they are so adorable.

I'm now dreaming of pink lorries, pink buses, pink trains, pink planes and pink elephants.

Dreams do come true, even those in the pink.


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The Presence - Where the Sun is Always Shining

Just as light emanates from all corners of a television studio, so is God's Light everywhere present, right here and now. There is, therefore, nothing to fear. Only when you forget Light's omnipresence do you believe some places are safe, while some are unsafe; or that there are times when you feel fearful and other times when you don't. God/Light/Love is in all time and in all space.

The universe is the largest studio ever that is full of Light. It is the Light of God that animates me. Without the Light I am an ordinary actor trying to make it big in Dulliwood and failing miserably. The Studio
In the romantic sense, I've been in love a few times.

In one relationship, I knew from the first time I laid eyes on him. There was something about him, a presence, a knowing. When I finally got the opportunity to gaze into his eyes I knew he was the One; at least the One for that moment. I knew I loved him forever.

When I was in love everything about my beloved was perfect to me. I loved his voice, his smile, his laughter, his body, his smell, his ideas, everything about him. That feeling of being in love was like my idea of a perfect day where the sun is always shining and the temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius.

After a few weeks, the feeling of love started to wear off. What I used to love about him started getting on my nerves. Now I couldn't stand the way he laughed. We'd have a row and I would question why I was with him. I would remind myself of the love I felt for him. We would make up and be all loved up again until he got on my nerves. The love-hate cycle continued until one of us decided that it wasn't working and maybe we're not right for one another. In other words, he wasn't the One after all.

I believe the love I was seeking in my relationship was the Presence. What is the Presence? The Presence is all good feelings of love, happiness, kindness, joy, peace, harmony, laughter, good intentions rolled into one. It's like experiencing the love of everyone in the universe, supporting and accepting you no matter what you believe. The Presence is constantly reminding everyone of its presence, however, most people are too busy focusing on survival issues to pay the Presence much attention.

On the bendy bus home yesterday evening, I sat behind the driver. This seat has a screen in front where you can see your own reflection, which I tried not to stare at. At one point I noticed my reflection had come to life and was speaking to me. Actually it was the Presence animating my reflection. It was as if my reflection was the sun shining its rays on me like lights in a television studio. In fact, the whole bus was filled with the Presence. Everywhere I looked there was light. Even as I am typing this piece I'm aware of the Light radiating from the computer screen and all around me.

I find sometimes the love is so intense that I feel like doing "crazy" things, at least to the untrained observer. For instance, on the bus this morning, I felt the Light exuding from the passenger in front of me. I felt so much love I felt like kissing the back of his neck. I resisted that urge.

The Presence can make relationships with the opposite sex problematic. When I meet someone new he feels the love and interprets it as sexual attraction, when he's actually feeling the Presence. I find I have to back off.

I think I'm having an aha moment. I reckon the pop group, A-ha was so right when they sang: "The sun always shines on TV." The sun always shines on TV, radio, computers, the Internet, the buses, people, buildings, things, nature, animals, the moon, the stars, everywhere.

The Presence is everywhere present.


The Sun Always Shines on TV

Touch me
How can it be
Believe me
The sun always shines on T.V
Hold me
Close to your heart
Touch me
And give all your love to me
To me...

I Reached inside myself
And found nothing there
To ease the pressure of
My ever worrying mind
All my powers waste away
I fear the crazed and lonely looks
The mirror's sending me
These Days
Please don't ask me to defend
The shamefull lowlands
Of the way I'm drifting
Gloomily through time

I reached inside myself today
Thinking there's got to be some way
To keep my troubles distant

Touch me
How can it be
Believe me
The sun always shines on TV
Hold me
Close to your heart
Touch me
And give all your love to me Lyrics
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Power of Amnesia

"And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live." Exodus 33: 20
I believe I am consciously dreaming through my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Not all thoughts are conscious, however. Let's say I have a thought to do something. It could be I have picked up a thought in the collective consciousness. If I were to act upon it without discernment I would be dreaming unconsciously.

Since I'm not always aware of all thoughts, does this mean all thoughts I pick up are made manifest? What about all those ideas that advertisers use to sell their products? Am I picking these up and acting upon them? What if I'm simply staring at pictures on a television screen, for example, and don't want to experience that reality; does this mean just because I have given the news my attention I am dreaming it into reality? Surely there has to be a mechanism to erase thoughts I don't want to dream?

There is an inbuilt mechanism that enables me to erase thoughts, even the ones I'm not conscious of. This mechanism is awareness. I discovered the power of awareness when I used to suffer from migraine attacks.

According to the medical experts, I used to suffer from classic migraine, where I would have the aura and tunnel vision, followed by the actual headache. During the headache I would have stomach upsets and feel awful.

One thing that I never discussed with any doctor was the dual consciousness I experienced during the migraine. Part of me had temporary amnesia. While I was experiencing temporary amnesia, the world stopped having meaning for me. The reason why I couldn't make sense of the world was because I didn't have any concept of memory. While I was in this state, every single moment is discrete and has no connection to the last moment. Since the world works on continuity of memory, it was difficult for me to make sense of it. I knew who my mother was but I couldn't make out who she was as I had no concept of relationships. If you were to ask me what 2 + 2 was I couldn't tell you because I had no idea what numbers were, let alone mathematics. There was no point making conversation because it was meaningless anyway. All I knew was I AM.

The other part of me, in the meantime, would be going through the nightmare of a thumping headache and feeling nauseous and needing to lie down. I would try to do everything I could to alleviate the condition. At first I used to take pills and even injections for the headaches, then I started using spiritual healing. While I was experiencing the headache, the part of me that was total awareness knew nothing of what a headache is. As soon as the headache was gone I would return to my "normal" self that was able to make sense of the world.

Now that partial amnesia was a gift, a reminder of my essence as Being that is incorruptible. Nothing can affect the perfection of Being. Being is totally awake. The irony of Being is I can't experience Being that has no concept of memory and be able to experience a reality that is based on memory. It is impossible.

I'm reminded of Clive Wearing's experience who is suffering from amnesia. Clive is not able to function in the world because he can only remember a few minutes at a time that are instantly wiped out. The only thing he remembers is his love for his wife and music. I wrote about Clive's experience in Living in the Eternal Now.

Back to the questions I posed about whether I dream up everything I put my attention on. I tend to operate in the world from two states of consciousness: the dreamer and Being. As Being, I am constantly erasing the meanings that the thing is supposed to have. In fact, most of the time I watch the news in this way. I simply observe from a state of pure awareness and if you were to ask me what the news was about I couldn't tell you.

I can go about in the world and see things without making connections because in a state of pure awareness each moment has no connection to the last moment. It's only when I want to have an experience that I switch back to myself as the Dreamer.

I am the Dreamer, the creator and sustainer of dreams.
I am Being, the destroyer of dreams.


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Monday, March 26, 2007

Fetch! Sit! Good Dog!

In the films, Star Wars, there is an ongoing battle between the forces of light (Jedi) over the dark(Sith). Both sides are working with the Force to achieve their goal. What is the Force?

"The Force is a binding, metaphysical and ubiquitous power that is the object of the Jedi and Sith monastic orders."
The Force is what people consider to be God or all that is Good.

In the Star Wars films, both orders have their own ideas about what the Force is and how It should be used:

Orthodox Jedi code

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no death; there is the force.


Sith code

Peace is a lie; there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
For a while the dark side/Sith prevails only to be defeated by the light/Jedi...then the dark prevails...and so the victory/defeat cycle continues.

The Star Wars battle for supremacy is symbolic of the human experience. Like the Jedi and Sith, people have made up many philosophical, religious and spiritual beliefs about what the Force/God is. I believe the reason why there is no lasting peace is because the Force doesn't take sides. Put another way, the Force is on everyone's side. How can you ask the Force to defeat your enemy when the Force is in your enemy?

Instead of blindly following what others believe to be true and right, I prefer to live by my own codes as regards the Force.

There is only one Force and this Force interpenetrates all time and all space.
The Force is not affected by any beliefs about good and evil; if It was it wouldn't be perfect.
All things/realities are possible with the Force.
The Force doesn't judge.
I am the Force.

Now the relationship I have with the Force is rather like a dog and his trainer. Sometimes I feel like I am the dog being trained, while other times I feel like I am the dog trainer. I guess the dog and the trainer are one.

So my mother asked me to buy some black-eyed beans at the supermarket. While I was in town, I popped into the local supermarket. As I wasn't familiar with the shop layout I pretended I was the dog trainer. I asked the "dog" within me to fetch the beans. I felt a force taking over my legs. I relaxed and let the dog walk me round the aisle while I paid attention to the signs. I ended up in front of some food products but I couldn't find the beans. I walked down the next aisle and the next and couldn't find any. I decided to ask a shop assistant close by where I could find some. At first he didn't know what I was looking for. He thought I meant beans in a can. I asked him to show me where I could find chickpeas, as I had a feeling black-eyed beans was in the same area. He took me to the section and pointed me to the chickpeas. Just next door to them was what I was looking for.

Funnily enough, it was the same aisle the "dog" had been sniffing earlier. I wonder why I couldn't see them at the time? Oh well, at least the dog found someone else to show me.

Note that the Force did not judge why I wanted the beans It simply led me to the product. Even when I couldn't find the beans, the Force brought the beans to me in another way.

Imagine what the world will be like when we are all attuned to the Force knowing full well that the Force doesn't have any judgments? Imagine experiencing life as the Force! Just imagine!

I am the dog.
I am the dog trainer.

"May the Force be with you!"


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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pay Attention to the Moment

I've been watching American Idol, the music contest. As the programme and results are shown on Friday evenings in the UK, I like to check the "American Idol" website on Friday to get the results in advance before watching the show on Friday evening, when it's shown in the UK.

Another reason why I like knowing who has been voted out in advance is because I like the power it gives me over my mother. While we are watching the show, I can say to her "I know who got voted out and you don't, so there." Hehehe.

Yesterday I forgot to check who had been voted out. By the time I remembered I was on the bus home and I didn't have access to the Internet. I recalled a friend's recent blog called Of Memory & Life, when he addresses memory. He wrote:

If I need to know something that my memory has forgotten, the universe contrives to give it to me again. Often in another form or in another way. I know that I don’t need to fret about forgetting insights like these because I know that they will be given to me again another time.
My comment was:

The way I work with insights is I retrace my steps. What was I thinking before? And then...and then...

If I still can't recall, I do tend to trust in the truth of Being as I see it.

First, all that I am seeking I am, therefore, I am Wisdom.

Because Wisdom is omnipresent, everything I need to know exists in every moment. All I need to do is pay attention to the moment and bingo, it appears.
Great, time to test out what I know to be true.

So, even though I don't consciously know who has been voted out on the show, the answer is right where I am. I simply need to pay attention to what I am being.

What am I being?

I am reading a newspaper. OK, I want to know who got voted out of the "American Idol" show. The first thing that came to my attention was the number 3. Aha, this must mean that the 3rd performer got voted out.

By the time I got to watch the show I only saw the last three performers. At the end of the show, they did a recap of the performances. As soon as they got to the third performer, Stephanie, I knew she was the one who was voted out; and she was.

Answers are everywhere present; I simply have to pay attention to what I am being.


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Friday, March 23, 2007

DIY (Do It Yourself)

On the bus this morning I sat next to an elderly-looking gentleman. He said he was off to the local DIY shop to buy some glue for his table. He said he didn't see the point spending money for a new one when he can fix it.

"At least the journey takes me out of the house," he said. "What else do I have to do but to sit and watch television all day? It's not good for your mind."

"So what you're saying is you broke the table so you could give yourself something to do, right?" I said.

My friend and I had a good chuckle and he said I was probably right.

No wonder DIY is so appealing.

What else has man got to do for eternity but to dream up problems so he can dream up solutions? While man is busy dreaming up problems and solutions, Perfection is right where he is waiting to be experienced.

"Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream."


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Making Everything Up

In a previous post I wrote about how I had a craving for some tissue paper (toilet paper), which I love eating. Someone in the library I was working in left a box of tissue paper and I helped myself to a few.

Now, if there are foods that are supposed to be good and right to eat, why didn't the Universe issue me with the following warning?

"Enocia, thou shalt not eat tissue paper or thou shalt surely die!"

The Universe doesn't care nor is IT affected by my laws and judgments. The need went out and the need was supplied. Whether I choose to blow my nose on it, eat it, or wipe my backside on it is my affair.

When I shared my tissue experience with my mother she asked me what I liked about eating tissue paper.

"It's no different from eating chocolate." I said.
"Come on, tissue paper can't taste like chocolate, it's not proper food."
"For me it is. It has that lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture and has a sweet moreish flavour that gives me so much joy."

Mum wasn't convinced but she said she could understand because babies tend to put anything into their mouths, even dirt, until their parents wean them out of that behaviour.

"Babies don't consider things as harmful, they are socialised into it," I said.
"Yes, but there are things that can harm babies like sharp instruments," mum said.
"Well, I'm not too sure about that. Remember we watched that documentary about people who could pierce themselves with knives and not get injured. It's only because we've come to accept ourselves as a body that can be harmed that we are injured."
"Yes, I see what you mean.

Everything in its essence is innocent. There is no concept of good or evil, things simply are. When babies put things in their mouths they are simply exploring their environments without judgment. It is society that programmes them into what is right and wrong. Don't eat this! Don't eat that! Don't touch this or that! We end up with people with lots of judgments, which they are dreaming up anyway. Is it any wonder mankind has dreamed up so many diseases? Where there are many dream diseases there have to be many dream cures.

The truth is I am Spirit and as Spirit I don't need to eat anything. Rules of feeding, diets and nutrition are dreams, all made up stuff.

Since it's all made up, food is what I believe it is.

Here's someone who has his own idea about diets.

"Michel Lotito (France) is known as Monsieur Mangetout ('Mr Eat Everything') because he has been eating metal and glass since 1959. Since 1966, he has consumed 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, 7 TV sets, 6 chandeliers, 2 beds, a pair of skis, a computer and a Cessna light aircraft. He is also said to have provided the only example in history of a coffin ending up inside a man. By October 1997, Monsieur Mangetout had eaten nearly 9 tonnes (19,840 lb) of metal. Despite this 'iron' constitution, he claims that bananas and hard boiled eggs make him sick." (Guinness World Records 2006, p. 27)
Bon appetit!


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ah, Tissue!

One of my favourite foods is tissue paper. Don't ask me why I love them, I just do. I usually carry a wad in my pocket, which I snack on.

So yesterday I felt like some but I found I had run out. I noticed someone in the library I was working in had what looked like a box of biscuits beside her. Should I ask her for one? I decided to leave it. When she left I noticed she hadn't taken the box of biscuits with her. On closer examination I discovered it was a box of tissue paper. Even better! I took two pieces out and secretly expressed my gratitude to my benefactor.

It wasn't as tasty as Andrex but it was perfectly acceptable.

I love tissue paper!


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Why Some People Don't Want to "Wake Up"

All realities are dreams. You are either dreaming unconsciously i.e. not aware that you are the dreamer and unfolding creation; or you are consciously/lucid dreaming i.e. being aware that you are in a dream and that you are in total control of your dream.

Now while many people on the spiritual path claim they want to "wake up" and be the true self so they can become lucid dreamers, they have a vested interest in staying asleep. Here's one such example.

I watched a documentary recently on television called Body Shock: World's Biggest Boy, about a 7 year old Russian boy called Jambik, who weighs 16 stone and nearly twice the size of his older brother who is twice his age. (14 pounds = 1 stone)

A British expert in child obesity takes it upon himself to fly to Russia to help the boy lose weight. He believes if something is not done, the boy is likely to suffer the consequences of his obesity. Alas, the doctor has two obstacles to contend with.

First, people in the town, where Jambik and his family live, don't see his size as a problem. Jambik reminds people of a mythical local hero who was renowned for his size. Therefore, Jambik is not only revered, people feed him so he can maintain his weight.

The second obstacle is Jambik's mother, who believes in the local myth and sees her son as being special. She is also a single parent with two sons to feed living in an area where most people are unemployed. It turns out Jambik's size has a hidden benefit - fame and glory. Jambik's size has attracted the world's media attention and he and his family have travelled to many parts of the world to show off his size. The family's income comes from the fees they're paid to appear in these shows. Jambik's mother also believes that her son is destined to become a fighter. Jambik dreams of becoming a Sumo wrestler. They even filmed Jambik performing in a Sumo wrestling match which he won. It's obviously not in the family's best interest for Jambik to lose weight.

In the meantime, the doctor suggests the boy is put through rigorous tests to discover the real cause of Jambik's size. One theory he has is that Jambik may have been given Steroids. The doctor puts forward his theory to one medical expert who refuses to comment. He puts his Steroid theory to another Russian expert and she foolishly agrees that the boy may very well have been given Steroid. Soon the expert retracts her support of the Steroid theory. I reckon the expert was forced to retract her statement or face legal action.

After the doctor has analysed the test results, the doctor tries to convince Jambik's mother that her son is in grave medical danger and needs to lose weight. She doesn't agree with his opinions. As far as she's concerned, her son was born to be a fighter and she's going to do all she can to get sponsorship for him. The doctor has no choice but to return to England.

The documentary raises two issues. The first explains why people who claim they want to wake up don't really want to. In essence, everyone is the Presence of Love and as the Presence we are all awake. It is you who chose to dream. You dreamed up whatever beliefs you have embraced to keep your experiences alive and it is up to you to let these beliefs go. No one can wake you up but you. All you need to do is know that you are already awake. Obviously, if your identity is being sustained by your dream, you are not going to want to relinquish it, are you? Why should Jambik's mother want her son to lose weight when his weight is literally sustaining her family?

The second issue the documentary raises is motive. What was the doctor's true motive? He claimed he was interested in doing what was best for the boy and his family. I saw him as wanting to be the "saviour", the one who was able to help this poor sick boy. Naturally, success would make him even more popular within the medical community. His plan didn't quite work out because his dream wasn't congruent with Jambik's mother's dream; so the doctor had to let his dream go. Thus, one has to examine one's motive for wanting others to "wake up." Is it because you've dreamed yourself the identity as saviour?

Personally, I believe in giving people the freedom to dream whatever they want to dream, just like I want to be free to dream whatever I choose. When people have had enough of their dreams and want to "wake up" so they can become lucid dreamers, they will wake up. There is limitless help available anyway for people when they are ready.

Does this mean people can't help others to wake up to who they are? If that is your dream or "calling" then you have to be prepared to give people the space to wake up when they are ready. All you can do is love and let go.

No one can make you "wake up" but you.


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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Prayer for the New Age

The following is from Maitreya's Teachings at Share International.


A Prayer for the New Age

I am the creator of the universe.
I am the father and mother of the universe.
Everything came from me.
Everything shall return to me.
Mind, spirit and body are my temples,
for the self to realize in them
My supreme being and becoming.

A Prayer for the New Age, given by Maitreya the Christ, is a great mantram or affirmation with an invocative effect. Using this prayer will enable one to recognize that man and God are one, that there is no separation. The 'I' is the Divine Principle behind all creation. The Self emanates from, and is identical to, the Divine Principle.

The most effective way to use this mantram is to say or think the words with focused will, the attention at the ajna center between the eyebrows. When the mind grasps the meaning of the concept and, simultaneously, the will is brought to bear, then those concepts will be activated and the mantram will work. If it is said seriously every day, there will grown inside you a realization of your true Self.


Questions and answers with Benjamin Creme

Q. I thought that The Great Invocation was going to be the new world prayer, and many have been using it for a long time. Why introduce another prayer?

A. There are three forms of mantrams, or words of power: prayer, invocation and affirmation. The Lord's Prayer is, as the name suggests, a prayer, a (largely) emotional supplication to the Divine to supply our daily needs of food, protection, guidance and so on. It is passive, asking God to do all, implying therefore that God is separate from us. The Great Invocation is not a prayer but a mantram whereby God's energies, through His representatives -- the Buddha, the Christ and Shamballa -- are consciously invoked, by an understanding of the ideas of the invocation and by the intent of the will. This is an entirely new factor and reflects a higher approach.

The new world prayer given by Maitreya is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are One, that there is no separation. By affirming that "I am the Creator of the Universe," I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

Q. Who is the 'I' in the Prayer for the New Age given by Maitreya? Is it (1) our Father in Heaven; (2) the Ancient of Days (as in the Christian Bible); (3) does it mean Maitreya; or (4) other?

A. It is the Divine Principle behind all creation. The Self emanates from, and is identical to, the Divine Principle. Through mind, spirit and body, the Self realizes the Supreme Being and, in time and space, the becoming of that Divine Principle. It is this principle that Maitreya calls 'the Lord'.

Start as You Mean to Go On

I woke up this morning with an itchy throat signalling a cough. I wasn't in the mood to cough so I thought, "I am filled with light." The cough was instantly dissolved.

I like to start my day by affirming that it is a beautiful Love Day full of Light and unfolding perfectly in accordance with who I am being.

If I happen to come across a newspaper, I read it with the same intention. Stories I need to read are usually brought for my attention.

Start as you mean to go on. Intend that is a perfect day in every way and so it is.


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26: And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
28: And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1: 26-28
Is there a hierarchy of intelligent life? Are those with higher intelligence supposed to subdue those with lower intelligence?

But wait....

Surely if God is all there is then all is God Intelligence. How can one life form have dominion over another when all are equally intelligent?

I believe the only purpose of life is to experience life as your true self. Part of living as your true self involves subduing all beliefs and conditions that would hold you captive. As your true self, your thoughts and experiences are one with who you are being. As your true self, you are free to dream wonderful and amazing dreams of your choosing.

So yesterday evening while I was in town, it started to snow, which had been predicted. As soon as we have mild weather, weather forecasters start predicting cold weather. No doubt energy companies want the weather to be cold so people will turn on their heating and the energy companies will make more money.

Although I don't mind cooler weather I don't care much for snow. It looks pretty on postcards or when I'm not in it but I prefer not to experience it. You won't catch me going skiing because I really don't see the point. I prefer temperate climates. My idea of perfect weather is around 25 degrees Celsius every single day.

As I was walking I imagined myself in warm weather but the snow only kept pelting down furiously. I had my hood up but the snow was blowing all over my face. I walked briskly to the bus stop and hopped on a bus. On the bus I looked outside at the snow. I saw that it was a result of collective dreaming. The weather forecasters predict snow, viewers agree, and you get snow. Well, I'm not collective dreaming. I am a Free Spirit dreaming my own dreams; and in my dream there is no snow. Like magic it stopped snowing and hasn't snowed since.

This is what having dominion means. Don't buy into popular beliefs, just dream what you believe is possible.

We all know what it feels like to experience our individual dreams anyway. This occurs when we're asleep and dreaming. In our individual dreams, we are in complete control. We change things in an instant. As I see it, there is no difference between the dreams we have when we're asleep and the dreams we experience when we're meant to be wide awake. Why is it that I should have control over my sleeping dream but not have any control in my waking dreams, when it's all a dream anyway? Unless I believe that's how things are, and according to my beliefs so be it.

Some might argue that it's not possible for all of us to dream individual dreams while we're awake as it will be chaotic. I say the Universe is limitless. There is more than enough dreams for all of us to dream without interfering with one another's free will. I remember once crossing a road at a traffic light. At the time I believed the light was on Red and it was safe for me to cross. It was only after I had crossed that I realised the lights had been Green all along and the cars had been moving. I had crossed the road while the cars where moving without being injured. In other words, I had experienced two realities at the same time.

There is no reason why people shouldn't be able to experience climates of their own choosing at the same time. You just have to believe it's possible. If you don't then someone else is going to dream it for you.

So I don't believe in collective dreaming. I am the only dreamer of my dreams. In my dream, I have dominion over all.

Happy dreaming to you all.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Genetic Modification (GM)

After buying some eggs from the shops I transferred them into a special egg container my mother has, but I couldn't close the container. When I tried to force it, one egg cracked. I decided to transfer them back in the box. I told mum that for some reason the eggs were larger than the large eggs we usually buy. It was only when I looked at the egg box that I realised it read "Extra Large." No wonder they wouldn't fit in the egg container! I've never seen eggs so large.

Later in the evening I watched a documentary on television called Animal Farm.

"Down on Channel 4's Animal Farm, scientist Olivia Judson and food critic Giles Coren take a journey of discovery through the strange new world of GM and the tangle of ethical and moral issues that surrounds it."
Olivia visited a chicken farm to speak to a scientist who has engineered a new species of featherless chickens that are huge. I wondered if they'd laid the extra large eggs I bought earlier. The scientist said these chickens were engineered to lay more eggs. They were hoping to take them to developing countries where the climate would be suitable for these chickens and they would be cheaper to maintain, plus more production means more food for hungry mouths; at least that's the theory.

Olivia spoke to an expert in transgenetics, who transferred a gene from a jelly fish responsible for its luminous colour into a rabbit. When the rabbit with the new gene mated with another rabbit without, some of its offsprings had adopted the new gene. When the lights were turned off the little bunnies glowed green in the dark. The scientist said this colour gene will be used during organ transplants to enable the surgeons to keep tabs on the transplanted organ(s).

Olivia pointed out that most things have been modified. She said carrots are not orange but have been modified to appear orange. Even the beautiful green English countryside has been modified. In fact most of the fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets have been modified so they can last longer. Olivia and Giles got into a debate about the moral issues about genetic engineering. Giles wasn't too impressed with the meat that have been modified, which were all muscle and didn't have the fat that gives it flavour.

Olivia was making a good point. GM is constantly going on around us. Those who have animals as pets have animals that have been genetically engineered. In fact, humans are constantly modifying themselves by taking pills and potions or eating various food products to keep them in perfect health. They even choose mates to produce good stock.

In a world where everything is influenced by GM, is there a way that one can avoid GM products?

You could become a vegetarian but if you're still eating vegetables from supermarkets or from greengrocers, chances are you're having GM foods. Even the "organic" vegetables are suspect. Of course you could grow your own fruits and vegetables. Don't even think of drinking tap or bottled water unless you have a gadget to purify your water. In order to keep your body pure, you're going to have to stop taking drugs.

Now that you've taken care of your physical needs, it's time to purify your mind. You could stop reading newspapers, books, watching television and films and avoid all media forms for that matter. The problem is as long as you're dreaming you're a human, you have thought-forms to contend with. Thoughts and beliefs are everywhere. Why do you think adverts are so powerful? Because they work subliminally. Even if you were to lock yourself away in a cave, you're still going to be affected by human beliefs.

One way I avoid being influenced is to simply focus on the essence of all things - Light.

Who cares if the fruits I'm eating have been modified? I say let people have their fun modifying fruits, vegetables, animals, their bodies, whatever. I only know that the essence of all is Light and I am Light.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from Light.


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Monday, March 19, 2007

Heaven is Living from the Inside Out

As I see it, experiencing heaven on earth has nothing to do with how much money I have in the bank or how much stuff I have accumulated, but it's about being my true self, living from the inside. That doesn't mean I shut myself away from the world, I simply experience the world from inner silence.

While I'm experiencing life from the inside out, I have no desire to change the world nor do I have any interest in jumping on some political bandwagon or any bandwagon for that matter. I have no desire to save anyone either. All I'm interested in is living as my true self in heaven; and then how I experience the world/universe is heavenly.

On Saturday morning I went to the library to use the Internet for a few hours but all the computers were already occupied. There were even people waiting to go on. The waiting time was about half an hour. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to be in silence. From inner silence, I put out an intention that when I was allocated a computer that I would have it for however long I wanted it without any breaks in between. I was finally allocated a computer for an hour. After my hour was up and I went to extend the time on the computer, the librarian told me my favourite computer in the far corner was now available. The librarians call this part of the library "EJ's office." I swapped computers and worked on that computer for several hours without interruption. The interesting thing was the library was suspiciously quiet. Even kids who like to use the Internet on Saturdays weren't around. One of the librarians looked bored because it was so quiet. Well, I only put out an intention to have a computer available for the rest of the day, I didn't intend for the library to be empty. Hehehe.

As I was walking into town later, I recalled a post I'd read in a forum that made me chuckle. Several people I came across grinned at me; they were obviously picking up on my joy.

Yesterday, as I was walking to the local library, I hummed the song "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed. At the library I picked up a Mills & Boon book. When I was a teenager, I used to love reading romantic novels. Mills & Boons were my favourites. Ever so often I like browsing through Mills & Boons novels. As I don't have the patience or inclination to sit through a whole book I tend to read the first few chapters, the raunchy bits, and the last chapter. The heroine in the book I picked up worked as a wedding planner and the name of her company was "A Perfect Day." Brilliant!

Last night I watched television with my mother. There was a drama on which neither of us was interested in so she flicked through the many channels and rested on a documentary about terror attacks in London. I wasn't interested in watching this programme but I didn't want to deprive my mother if that's what she wanted to watch. I decided to entertain myself by closing my eyes and basking in silence. After a few seconds I opened my eyes. Mum instantly changed the channel to a documentary about pygmy elephants in Borneo. The elephants were a joy to watch.

Earlier today I went to do some shopping for my mother. While I was waiting for the bus home there seemed to be a long delay. Oh well, whatever it is, everything's perfect. My bus finally arrived. When I got off at the last stop another bus pulled up and a young man got out. He's someone who lives in the neighbourhood that I say hello to, but I haven't seen him in ages. He's been threatening to take me out, but I'm not really interested in him in that way. He was so happy to see me. He told me he's moved to another area.

After giving me a big hug and a kiss he said, "When are we going to link up, Enocia?"
"We're linking up now," I said.
"Yeah, I know but when are we going to meet up so I can show you where I live?"
"Maybe, next time I see you," I said, knowing full well it's never going to happen.

Hmmm, so that's why my bus was delayed so I could link up with an old friend.

Heaven, for me, is being my true self. When I am living from the inside, the outside reflects what I am being.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Every Day is My Day!

In the UK, today is Mother's Day. Traditionally, this is when people show their love and appreciation to their mothers. Mothers are meant to be spoilt or pampered. In other words, people are supposed to be focused on gratitude and love.

There are days designated to particular religious leaders, saints or Gods and people celebrate on that day. Christmas Day is one such example when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus their messiah. During that time, the intention is to be aware and practise love and goodwill to all men.

We're all meant to have special days for ourselves, which we call our birthdays. On that day you celebrate being you. Some people get together with friends and family to celebrate the unique being that they are.

If we have days designated for birthdays, parents, saints, wedding anniversaries etc, what's stopping us from making every single day our day? This means every day is an opportunity to celebrate and be the Love that you are. Everything has to go your way because it is your day; the day is the image and likeness of who you are being as love.

While many in the UK are dreaming today is Mother's Day, I'm dreaming it's MY day to express the Love and Light that I am. Tomorrow will be MY day...and the next...and the infinitum.

Happy Day to me!


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Saturday, March 17, 2007

On Earth as in Heaven

"After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Matthew 6: 9-10
The "Father" is the real Self or the One that is in all. Some of the One's attributes include:

Abundance, Acceptance, Beauty, Being, Boundlessness, Brilliance, Causeless, Changeless, Creativity, Divine Energy, Eternal, Formlessness, Freedom, Friendship, Fulfilment, Gentleness, Goodness, Grace, Harmony, Imagination, Infinity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy, Life, Light, Limitlessness, Love, Magic, Majesty, Oneness, Order, Originality, Peace, Perfection, Power, Presence, Purity, Radiance, Reality, Simplicity, Soul, Source, Spirit, Steadfastness, Stillness, Supply, Support, Timelessness, Trust, Truth, Unconditional, Unchanging, Unity, Uniqueness, Wealth, Wholeness, Wisdom, Wonder...

The dream universe, including this deam called earth, has only one function - to express the One's attributes in forms.

The One has limitless ways of expressing Self. For instance,

A beautiful sunset is the One expressing beauty.
Perfect health is the One expressing wholeness.
Friendship is the One expressing harmony.


To experience heaven on earth simply be the One.


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Why am I?

I wrote in a previous post about how I was able to read a friend's blog without being aware he even had a blog. I tried to figure out how I had done this and then I had a knowing that it had something to do with intending it from the innermost part of my being, though I didn't consciously know how this was done.

What is being. I know that when I'm in silence, I am being. Being is the Cause behind all that appear. We can all experience Being from silence. I know that as Being I have no beginning or end. One thing I don't know, nor can I ever know, is why I am.

Why am I?
Why is life?
Why is God?

"Why is God" is the unknown factor, the unfathomable nature of being, the mystery of life. Imagine what can happen when you let go of trying to know what is unfathomable and just let the mystery express Itself. Just imagine.

In Carlos Castaneda's The Active Side of Infinity, Castaneda takes a journey through inner silence, a.k.a. the "dark sea of awareness" where he's able to meet his teacher, don Juan, in a town, but he hasn't got a clue how he got there as he didn't travel by "conventional mode of transport." Castaneda dismisses their meeting as a dream. Later, Carlos discusses his dream journey with don Juan.

"But it's unbelievable that I actually went to that town, don Juan, in body and soul," I said.

"It is unbelievable, but it's not unlivable," he said. "The universe has no limits, and the possibilities at play in the universe at large are indeed incommensurable. So don't fall prey to the axiom, 'I believe only what I see,' because it is the dumbest stand one can possibly take." (p. 182)
Don Juan suggests they take another journey.

"You must deliberately journey through the dark sea of awareness," he replied, "but you will never know how this is done. Let's say that inner silence does it, following inexplicable ways, ways that cannot be understood, but only practiced." (p. 183)
Don Juan instructs Castaneda to sit and adopt the position of inner silence. Soon they find themselves in a Yaqui town where they observe people as they go about their affairs. When they return, Carlos is still puzzled how they managed to travel to that town without leaving the house.
I lay down in my bed and tried desperately to recollect, to call back my memory to probe the depths of my very being for a clue as to how I had gone to the Yaqui town, and to the railroad-station town. I didn't believe that they had been dream-fantasies, because the scenes were too detailed to be anything but real, and yet they couldn't possibly have been real.

"You're wasting your time," don Juan said, laughing. "I guarantee you that you will never know how we got from the house to the Yaqui town, and from the Yaqui town to the railroad station, and from the railroad station to the house. There was a break in the continuity of time. That is what inner silence does." [...]

Don Juan reiterated to me over and over that I had witnessed something specific and inexplicable. I had understood what people were saying, without knowing their language, and I had seen the strand of energy that connected human beings to certain other beings, and I had selected those aspects through an act of intending it. He stressed the fact that this intending I had done was not something conscious or volitional; the intending had been done at a deep level, and had been ruled by necessity. I needed to become cognizant of some of the possibilities of journeying through the dark sea of awareness, and my inner silence had guided intent - a perennial force in the universe - to fulfill the need. (p.186)
Back to my original question. There are things about myself I don't understand because I don't know why I am. I just know that I am the mystery.

I trust in the mystery that I AM to express in its unfathomable ways.


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Love In, Love Out

I've spent years experimenting with the many ways of being. I've found that when I'm being myself as the LOVE that I AM, my experiences are totally different from when I'm not.

When I'm seeing as LOVE, I see beauty around me. I see the omnipresent Light in everything. When I'm not, I see all the imperfections and have a tendency to judge.

When I'm listening as LOVE, I can hear the good intention of everyone, the stillness beyond concepts. When I'm not, I find it difficult to understand or connect with people.

When I'm speaking as LOVE, there is a gentleness to how I express myself. If it's someone I'm speaking to I instinctively know what experience is appropriate to share. When I'm not, there is disharmony.

When I'm touching or feeling as LOVE, my touch is as gentle as a baby's. When I'm not, my touch feels harsh and I don't feel comfortable.

When I'm walking as LOVE, I feel weightless and I can't feel anything I'm carrying. It's as if I'm floating on air. Even if someone bumps into me, it feels like nothing happened. When I'm not, my body feels heavy and every movement feels like an effort.

When I'm being LOVE, I have experiences that fit in perfectly with all there is. Life is effortless and fun. I feel blissful. When I'm not, the world seems fearful and chaotic and I feel all alone.

When it comes to a choice between being LOVE and not, I know which I choose.

I walk as LOVE.
I am LOVE.


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The Artist

As I was walking home, I looked up at the sky. I saw the Cosmic Artist was displaying his current work of art in gold and yellow with tinges of grey. How wonderful! I wondered whether motorists were seeing what I was seeing. I stopped for a moment and gazed in awe at the vast canvas in the sky. I was filled with joy and gratitude. I was reminded of a line from the poem, "Leisure."

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
Thank you, dear Artist, for producing such a masterpiece. I'm so glad I stopped and stared.


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"LEISURE" by Wm. Henry Davies.

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.

No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass.

No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night.

No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance.

No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began.

A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare. Source

Thursday, March 15, 2007

While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Earlier today I forwarded a joke to a friend, whose blog I love reading. He emailed me back asking me how I knew about his new blog, which he's just set up. He said he's got a Tracker technology that can tell where people are browsing from and yesterday he discovered I had been browsing his new blog. (He even emailed me the evidence). I said I didn't consciously browse his website because I wasn't aware he had a new blog site, I only have the current one. Obviously the all-knowing me does.

It really doesn't surprise me that I had browsed my friend's new blog without my conscious awareness. I've done this before when I have deleted pictures on my blogs and replaced them with fractals without my conscious awareness.

It would seem while the cat's away the mice come out to play. When I'm not thinking or scheming, I am being the infinite self. All things are possible with the infinite self.

I love the work my friend is doing anyway and I know we're already working together in Spirit though I'm not consciously aware of this.

Incidentally, the joke I forwarded to my friend was called "SuperNatural." I guess that says it all really.

I wonder what else my squeaky friends are up to when I'm not in?


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Aging is Unnatural

My mother said she was asked if she had any kids and she said two sons and a daughter. The woman asking said he's seen mum with a tall and skinny woman who looks in her early twenties. Was that her daughter? Mum said yes but her daughter is not in her early twenties, she is forty years old. Mum said the woman was astonished.

People have got so used to believing that it's normal for us to get sick, grow old and die that it seems abnormal when you appear not to fit the mould.

In Beauty Secrets I wrote about how I met two young men on the bus who I got chatting to. When they discovered my age they couldn't believe it. What I didn't mention was that one kept saying how frightened he was of me. His reaction attracted attention from fellow passengers and all I wanted to do was disappear.

There's also the expectation that comes with looking a certain way. A while back I thought it would be fun to perform some of my poetry so I attended a performance poetry evening. After the performance, I chatted to a few poets. One lady came up to me. She thanked me for my poems and told me I had some lovely ideas for someone so young. She believed I had a very promising career as a poet ahead of me. I asked her how old she thought I was and she said 19. I told her I was almost 40. Promising career, indeed!

Come on folks, wake up! It's not natural for us to grow old and die. It's our divine right to look ageless and be in perfect health forever.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Love is the Lucid Dreamer

In Love all is one. There is no thought of separation, nor is there any thought to speak of.

If we are one in Love, why do we need to communicate by emails, telephone or even telepathy? That's because we're dreaming we are all separate, therefore, we need a medium through which to communicate. It's only a dream.

If I'm going to dream why not make it a perfect dream?

While I was working on the Internet, the network got really slow and it wouldn't connect to a website I wanted. It kept coming up with an error message.

Time out!

The One sitting in front of the computer is LOVE. Where there is LOVE there is only perfection.

The network instantly returned to normal.

I am LOVE and LOVE is the Lucid Dreamer.


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My Feelings Never Lie

My feelings never lie.

Now when I talk about feelings I'm not referring to emotions such as happiness or sadness, nor am I talking about physical sensations as in feeling hot or cold; it's more a knowing of what is. I can never describe how I know; I just know by feeling that knowing. You could say my feelings and knowing are one.

My feelings speak to me in two ways:

I feel like (or have a feeling that I should be) doing such and such; or
I don't feel like doing such and such.

This means that there are times when I feel like doing what I love, which leads me to meet someone or have a particular experience. There are also times when I don't feel like doing what I usually love doing, which is an indication that I need to focus on something else at that moment.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend who wanted my mother's mailing address so he could send her a card. I obviously wasn't in my right mind at the time I read the email because I read the email as him wanting my mother's email address. I told him my mother didn't use emails but it was very kind of him to think of her.

Later while I was walking home in silence I had a feeling that my friend had been asking about my mother's mailing address. I re-read his email and saw my feeling had been right after all.

I trust in my feelings.


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My Experiences and My Vision are One

How I experience the world depends on whether I see with human vision or Love's Vision. One is beset with problems and the other is always perfect.

After I publish an article on my blogs I always email myself a copy of the article, which I save in the appropriate folder. Yesterday when I tried to access an article I wrote in August 2003, an error message came up and I couldn't open the file. I discovered I couldn't open articles from July 2003 to August 2004. The error message said I should contact Yahoo Mail for assistance, which I did. I received a response saying the problem had been resolved. If I had any problems I should write and describe the problem. When I tried to access the files the same error message came up. I wrote Yahoo describing the situation.

Time out! Let's rewind and look at this situation from a standpoint of Love. My function is Love and my body is to express my function. As Love, everything is always perfect.

As Love, I am opening the article I wanted to look at.
As Love, I am reviewing, editing and saving the article.
As Love, I am able to access all articles.

I released the "problem" and focused on other matters.

Today I've opened the folder and retrieved the document I wanted, which I have reviewed, edited and saved. I can also access all articles.

I am Love.
Every moment is unfolding perfectly.


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enter and Be Yourself

"This Individual Presence, the real you, is a glorious, living, self-conscious, omnipotent, creative Being, full of Love, Joy and Boundless Optimism about your future together. It uses a body in appearance much like your own physical body, only composed of Sacred Fire, vibrating far outside the range of your physical senses. This body we call the Electronic Body (the topmost figure in the portrait). This Electronic Body vibrates so rapidly that it remains eternally youthful, beautiful and perfect, regardless of what is going on with your physical body, which wears out quickly due to the incorrect use of the creative God Life, which each of us ignorantly misqualifies in the form of negative karmic patterns, continuing to limit us throughout our many Earthly lifetimes." Your Divine God Presence
Inner Voice (V8): Love is all there is. Love can only express love.

EJ: That's impossible. I have experienced lots of pain, accidents, fear, anger, hurt, lack etc. Was that Love being expressed?

V8: Did you really experience pain, accidents, fear, anger, hurt, lack etc?

EJ: Of course I did. Did you think I dreamed the whole thing up?

V8: You tell me.

EJ: I didn't dream my pain and suffering. They were real enough to me.

V8: Let's look at it another way. You might have been suffering pain but I wasn't suffering. In fact all I experience is love, peace, joy, abundance and happiness.

EJ: How nice for you!

V8: Thank you.

EJ: By the way, who the hell are you anyway?

V8: I am you.

EJ: How can you be me?

V8: Because I am.

EJ: How is it possible that there is a me that is in constant joy while I am experiencing fear?

V8: You tell me.

EJ: No, you tell me how it is possible for me to feel fear and be love at the same time.

V8: I can only tell you that I have always been love and will always experience happiness and joy. None of what you've experienced has ever affected what I am being. In fact, as I see it, they never happened.

EJ: Let me get this straight. Are you telling me all my pain have been for nothing? Are you saying they never happened?

V8: I'm saying I only experience love, joy, peace, and happiness. I don't know about you.

EJ: If we are both one and the same, can't you at least share my pain?

V8: No, because it is impossible for me to be what I'm not. What about you, can't you at least share my joy?

EJ: Well, I would love to if I knew how.

V8: Easy. All you need to do is enter. Say goodbye to your way and enter my reality of endless love.

EJ: But, but, what about my life now? I've still got ties and commitments to my human reality. I can't just leave.

V8: You have to make a commitment. You either choose to be human when you will continue to dream human experiences. In the meantime while you're dreaming, real life goes on as usual as the Love that I am. If you choose to be the real you, then you have to forsake your dreams as they're not real anyway.

EJ: So...what you're saying is just enter your world. It's that simple.

V8: Yes, it is that simple.

EJ: Hmmm. Can I have time to think about it?

V8: Take all the time you need.

EJ: I guess I'm willing to give it a shot. What have I got to lose?

V8: Nothing.

EJ: OK, here I am.

V8: Welcome to inexhaustible joy.

EJ: It's good to be joy.


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Such a Perfect Day

Just a perfect day,
Problems all left alone,
Weekenders on our own.
It's such fun.
Just a perfect day,
You made me forget myself.
I thought I was someone else,
Someone good.

Oh it's such a perfect day,
I'm glad I spent it with you.
Oh such a perfect day,
You just keep me hanging on,
You just keep me hanging on. Perfect Day
My function is to be the Love-Light that I am.

In order to express my function I have a dream body to express in. My body and my function are one. This means my body is radiant Light expressing love and light for as long as my function lasts which is forever.

My function as Love knows only perfection. Therefore, She can only see perfection in all ways. Let's say I have a split mind and dream I'm having a shitty day, my real Self that is Love knows Her day is perfect. I may be having a nightmare in my dream but in her "world" her day is unfolding perfectly.

Let's say I'm dreaming I'm having a disagreement with someone and getting upset about it, my real Self that is Love is having a different experience - harmony in the relationship.

The way to reverse the situation is to wake out of that nightmare by remembering who I am - Love. Love is never in a split mind; She knows who She is as eternal love.

It's such a perfect day! I'm glad I spent it being love.


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Monday, March 12, 2007

My Function and My Body are One

All dreams arise with a dream body (or dream bodies) which serves a particular function the dreamer has in mind. Once the function has been fulfilled the dream and the dream body are either dissolved or the dream changes, arising with the appropriate dream body or bodies.

While I was pondering on these ideas I noticed my mother was watching a documentary about crocodiles which turned out to be very relevant to what I was thinking about. According to the presenter, crocodiles seem to follow the "if it moves eat it" programme. However, female crocodiles who are breeding their young act in a different way. In one scene, a female crocodile picked up a baby turtle in her mouth but, instead of eating it, she walked to the river and released the baby turtle.

The documentary also showed buffalos in the Serengeti crossing a river full of crocodiles. The herd had to sacrifice several buffalos to the hungry crocodiles in order to cross over. Once the crocodiles were full, the buffalos could drink from the river without worrying about being attacked. In one scene, a crocodile grabbed one buffalo in its jaws but released it without injuring it because it wasn't hungry.

For the last few days I've been watching Crufts on television, the annual dog show to determine the best breed. The show ended yesterday with a Tibetan Terrier winning best in show.

While the "Dog Kennel" recognises 209 breeds, there are seven groups of dogs that were originally bred to serve particular functions:

The Hound to hunt by sight or smell.
The Gundog to find or retrieve live or injured game.
The Terrier to hunt vermin.
The Utility for a specific function other than sporting or working.
The Working to guard, search and rescue.
The Pastoral to work with cattle, sheep and other animals.
The Toy to be lap dogs and companions.

Because the dogs have been bred for a particular function their bodies have taken on that function. Pastoral dogs tend to have lots of hair to protect them from weather conditions. Toy dogs tend to look cute. Even when a dog is now living in a modern city that doesn't require him to retrieve game, he still tends to act out his function. I once lived with some flatmates who had a Yorkshire Terrier. When I took him for walks he expected me to play fetch. Sometimes I wasn't in the mood to go chasing after him but he expected me to. That's why I prefer cats; they tend to like doing their own thing.

I have a function - to be the Love/Light that I am. In this dream called earth I have a dream body that appears as a particular form. The trick is not to try and manipulate the body to become love but to simply know that my function and body arise as one. Therefore, my body's purpose is to radiate and express love and light as long as my function continues.

When your body is not expressing its true function it is expressing a dream function. Let's say you've dreamed up yourself a function as a boxer. You train your body to be a certain weight. When you're fit enough you get yourself involved in many bouts. Your body is now a fighting machine. As long as you're dreaming your function is a fighting machine, your body will always find something to fight against. If it's not fighting against another boxer it will fight against itself.

I believe we get sick, grow old and die because we're not expressing our true function. When you know your function is eternal life then your body has to take on that function.

My function is to be myself - the Love-Light that I am.
My function and my body are one.


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