Monday, March 05, 2007

Channel Hopping

As I was channel hopping while watching television, I was aware that every single channel was made of the same stuff, light. It didn't matter whether they are murder mysteries, dramas, soaps, wildlife documentaries, the news, religious channels, music videos, sci-fi, reality TV, game shows, cartoons, shopping channel etc, they are all made of Light.

Since I am also Light it was as if I was watching myself in different dreams.

In one dream I was sharing some ideas about personal development and coaching,
In the next dream I was sharing how using a particular foundation can disguise flaws.
In one dream, I was preaching to people about God,
In another dream, I was singing about God.
In one dream, I was fighting in invisible alien,
In another dream, I was on a mission on a star ship.
In one dream, I was participating as contestants on "American Idol",
In another dream, I was competing other models to be "America's Next Top Model."
In one dream, I was fighting to save some patients,
In another dream, I was joking with other doctors.

And so the dreams continued.

Who am I? Am I the dreams or the Observer of these dreams?

All I know is that I am the same no matter what the dream.


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