Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Many people get upset over a loss of a loved one either through the breakdown of a relationship or through death. If only people realised that in silence, there is no breakdown in communication. In stillness we are one.

A while back, I decided to stay home so I could keep my mother company. While she was watching television I was lying on the sofa listening to the programme from the place of inner silence. After a while mum said, "Is this your way of keeping me company?"

I realised that her way is we have to get involved in an animated conversation. For her, being in silence means I'm ignoring her or giving her the "silent treatment." Anyway, I decided to play the game by sitting up and watching television the traditional way with my eyes open and chatting to her about the programme. She soon fell asleep. Some companion she turned out to be.

If you think someone is peculiar because she likes being in silence, how do you expect to know God/Spirit/True Self that is inner silence? God is communing with all of us all the time but we're too busy thinking to let HIM in.

I love watching television in silence with my eyes closed; and I love watching television in silence with my eyes open. However I'm watching television, it's always in communion with the all.

In oneness.


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