Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Enter and Be Yourself

"This Individual Presence, the real you, is a glorious, living, self-conscious, omnipotent, creative Being, full of Love, Joy and Boundless Optimism about your future together. It uses a body in appearance much like your own physical body, only composed of Sacred Fire, vibrating far outside the range of your physical senses. This body we call the Electronic Body (the topmost figure in the portrait). This Electronic Body vibrates so rapidly that it remains eternally youthful, beautiful and perfect, regardless of what is going on with your physical body, which wears out quickly due to the incorrect use of the creative God Life, which each of us ignorantly misqualifies in the form of negative karmic patterns, continuing to limit us throughout our many Earthly lifetimes." Your Divine God Presence
Inner Voice (V8): Love is all there is. Love can only express love.

EJ: That's impossible. I have experienced lots of pain, accidents, fear, anger, hurt, lack etc. Was that Love being expressed?

V8: Did you really experience pain, accidents, fear, anger, hurt, lack etc?

EJ: Of course I did. Did you think I dreamed the whole thing up?

V8: You tell me.

EJ: I didn't dream my pain and suffering. They were real enough to me.

V8: Let's look at it another way. You might have been suffering pain but I wasn't suffering. In fact all I experience is love, peace, joy, abundance and happiness.

EJ: How nice for you!

V8: Thank you.

EJ: By the way, who the hell are you anyway?

V8: I am you.

EJ: How can you be me?

V8: Because I am.

EJ: How is it possible that there is a me that is in constant joy while I am experiencing fear?

V8: You tell me.

EJ: No, you tell me how it is possible for me to feel fear and be love at the same time.

V8: I can only tell you that I have always been love and will always experience happiness and joy. None of what you've experienced has ever affected what I am being. In fact, as I see it, they never happened.

EJ: Let me get this straight. Are you telling me all my pain have been for nothing? Are you saying they never happened?

V8: I'm saying I only experience love, joy, peace, and happiness. I don't know about you.

EJ: If we are both one and the same, can't you at least share my pain?

V8: No, because it is impossible for me to be what I'm not. What about you, can't you at least share my joy?

EJ: Well, I would love to if I knew how.

V8: Easy. All you need to do is enter. Say goodbye to your way and enter my reality of endless love.

EJ: But, but, what about my life now? I've still got ties and commitments to my human reality. I can't just leave.

V8: You have to make a commitment. You either choose to be human when you will continue to dream human experiences. In the meantime while you're dreaming, real life goes on as usual as the Love that I am. If you choose to be the real you, then you have to forsake your dreams as they're not real anyway.

EJ: So...what you're saying is just enter your world. It's that simple.

V8: Yes, it is that simple.

EJ: Hmmm. Can I have time to think about it?

V8: Take all the time you need.

EJ: I guess I'm willing to give it a shot. What have I got to lose?

V8: Nothing.

EJ: OK, here I am.

V8: Welcome to inexhaustible joy.

EJ: It's good to be joy.


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