Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Genetic Modification (GM)

After buying some eggs from the shops I transferred them into a special egg container my mother has, but I couldn't close the container. When I tried to force it, one egg cracked. I decided to transfer them back in the box. I told mum that for some reason the eggs were larger than the large eggs we usually buy. It was only when I looked at the egg box that I realised it read "Extra Large." No wonder they wouldn't fit in the egg container! I've never seen eggs so large.

Later in the evening I watched a documentary on television called Animal Farm.

"Down on Channel 4's Animal Farm, scientist Olivia Judson and food critic Giles Coren take a journey of discovery through the strange new world of GM and the tangle of ethical and moral issues that surrounds it."
Olivia visited a chicken farm to speak to a scientist who has engineered a new species of featherless chickens that are huge. I wondered if they'd laid the extra large eggs I bought earlier. The scientist said these chickens were engineered to lay more eggs. They were hoping to take them to developing countries where the climate would be suitable for these chickens and they would be cheaper to maintain, plus more production means more food for hungry mouths; at least that's the theory.

Olivia spoke to an expert in transgenetics, who transferred a gene from a jelly fish responsible for its luminous colour into a rabbit. When the rabbit with the new gene mated with another rabbit without, some of its offsprings had adopted the new gene. When the lights were turned off the little bunnies glowed green in the dark. The scientist said this colour gene will be used during organ transplants to enable the surgeons to keep tabs on the transplanted organ(s).

Olivia pointed out that most things have been modified. She said carrots are not orange but have been modified to appear orange. Even the beautiful green English countryside has been modified. In fact most of the fruits and vegetables sold in supermarkets have been modified so they can last longer. Olivia and Giles got into a debate about the moral issues about genetic engineering. Giles wasn't too impressed with the meat that have been modified, which were all muscle and didn't have the fat that gives it flavour.

Olivia was making a good point. GM is constantly going on around us. Those who have animals as pets have animals that have been genetically engineered. In fact, humans are constantly modifying themselves by taking pills and potions or eating various food products to keep them in perfect health. They even choose mates to produce good stock.

In a world where everything is influenced by GM, is there a way that one can avoid GM products?

You could become a vegetarian but if you're still eating vegetables from supermarkets or from greengrocers, chances are you're having GM foods. Even the "organic" vegetables are suspect. Of course you could grow your own fruits and vegetables. Don't even think of drinking tap or bottled water unless you have a gadget to purify your water. In order to keep your body pure, you're going to have to stop taking drugs.

Now that you've taken care of your physical needs, it's time to purify your mind. You could stop reading newspapers, books, watching television and films and avoid all media forms for that matter. The problem is as long as you're dreaming you're a human, you have thought-forms to contend with. Thoughts and beliefs are everywhere. Why do you think adverts are so powerful? Because they work subliminally. Even if you were to lock yourself away in a cave, you're still going to be affected by human beliefs.

One way I avoid being influenced is to simply focus on the essence of all things - Light.

Who cares if the fruits I'm eating have been modified? I say let people have their fun modifying fruits, vegetables, animals, their bodies, whatever. I only know that the essence of all is Light and I am Light.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from Light.


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