Thursday, March 08, 2007

Is There Life After Death?

While my brother was giving me a lift home he asked me if I believed in life after death. It was the first time we've had this kind of conversation. He said he's had dreams where he's not been able to wake out of and he's been very conscious of being asleep while awake. He said this indicates to him that there's got to be more to life than this reality.

I told him I've had a similar experience. I said I believe it was his real self telling him there's a lot more to who he thinks he is. I also told him I didn't believe in life after death but just life.

That night I had a dream where I was watching a man and woman driving in a car. The drive lost control and the car went over a cliff. Both were killed instantly and yet they were alive. I stood beside the woman. She told me how glad she was that she and her friend had made it out of the accident alive. Then she saw her body. She couldn't understand how she could be alive and dead at the same time. I said she had been dreaming. In one dream she was dead, but in reality she was eternal life. Her friend didn't say much, but he looked stunned. After consoling both of them I woke up.

I am Life.


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