Friday, March 16, 2007

Love In, Love Out

I've spent years experimenting with the many ways of being. I've found that when I'm being myself as the LOVE that I AM, my experiences are totally different from when I'm not.

When I'm seeing as LOVE, I see beauty around me. I see the omnipresent Light in everything. When I'm not, I see all the imperfections and have a tendency to judge.

When I'm listening as LOVE, I can hear the good intention of everyone, the stillness beyond concepts. When I'm not, I find it difficult to understand or connect with people.

When I'm speaking as LOVE, there is a gentleness to how I express myself. If it's someone I'm speaking to I instinctively know what experience is appropriate to share. When I'm not, there is disharmony.

When I'm touching or feeling as LOVE, my touch is as gentle as a baby's. When I'm not, my touch feels harsh and I don't feel comfortable.

When I'm walking as LOVE, I feel weightless and I can't feel anything I'm carrying. It's as if I'm floating on air. Even if someone bumps into me, it feels like nothing happened. When I'm not, my body feels heavy and every movement feels like an effort.

When I'm being LOVE, I have experiences that fit in perfectly with all there is. Life is effortless and fun. I feel blissful. When I'm not, the world seems fearful and chaotic and I feel all alone.

When it comes to a choice between being LOVE and not, I know which I choose.

I walk as LOVE.
I am LOVE.


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