Monday, March 05, 2007

Lucid Dreaming

Yesterday, I noticed one of my favourite episodes of StarTrek Voyager called Waking Moments was being shown at 5. am this morning. I was determined to watch it. Before I went to sleep, I put out an intention to wake up in time to watch the episode. I woke up around 4.15. There was an episode of StarTrek The Next Generation on. As I'd already seen it earlier that day, I figured I would go back to sleep and wake up at the start of the Voyager episode. My eyes opened the moment the episode started.

In this episode, the crew discover that they're collectively dreaming a nightmare involving a certain alien species. First Officer, Chakotay, who can lucid dream i.e. able to control his dream, offers to get into a dream state to discover who the aliens are and what they want from the crew. Chakotay falls asleep and in his dream he makes "first contact" with one of the aliens who advises him that the dream state is their reality, which they are trying to protect from "waking" species. The alien advises Chakotay that if his crew agree to leave that area of space, the crew will no longer have nightmares. Chakotay wakes up and reports his findings to the captain. While the crew are attempting to leave that area of space they are captured by the same aliens, who take over their ship. Chakotay soon realises they are dreaming. Chakotay wakes himself up and leaves the dream. The captain informs the rest of the crew that they are in the aliens' dream and they should take control of the dream. When the aliens fire their weapons at them, they are not injured because the guns are not real. Eventually, the crew are released from the dream realm.

Now I'm very much aware that this reality we call earth is a dream. Many of the beliefs people have or share are dreams. To avoid being sucked into people's beliefs it's important for me to stay awake in the dream. Then, like the Voyager crew, I'm not affected by beliefs held by dreamers.

What about the dreams I have when I am asleep? How come I'm not always conscious that I'm dreaming? That's because I'm not lucid in those dreams. The art of lucid dreaming is to be conscious while in all dream realities.

After I'd watched Voyager, I put out an intent that while I was asleep I wanted to experience my dreams as a lucid dreamer. I kept falling asleep and waking up. While I was awake I heard someone opening the front door. I realised I was asleep and dreaming someone was opening the door. I said to myself, "I am dreaming." As soon as I said this I woke up.

All realities are dreams. This means what I can do in dreams can also be done in this reality. I simply need to be conscious that I am in a dream and I am the dreamer.

I am the Cosmic and Lucid Dreamer.


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