Friday, March 23, 2007

Making Everything Up

In a previous post I wrote about how I had a craving for some tissue paper (toilet paper), which I love eating. Someone in the library I was working in left a box of tissue paper and I helped myself to a few.

Now, if there are foods that are supposed to be good and right to eat, why didn't the Universe issue me with the following warning?

"Enocia, thou shalt not eat tissue paper or thou shalt surely die!"

The Universe doesn't care nor is IT affected by my laws and judgments. The need went out and the need was supplied. Whether I choose to blow my nose on it, eat it, or wipe my backside on it is my affair.

When I shared my tissue experience with my mother she asked me what I liked about eating tissue paper.

"It's no different from eating chocolate." I said.
"Come on, tissue paper can't taste like chocolate, it's not proper food."
"For me it is. It has that lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture and has a sweet moreish flavour that gives me so much joy."

Mum wasn't convinced but she said she could understand because babies tend to put anything into their mouths, even dirt, until their parents wean them out of that behaviour.

"Babies don't consider things as harmful, they are socialised into it," I said.
"Yes, but there are things that can harm babies like sharp instruments," mum said.
"Well, I'm not too sure about that. Remember we watched that documentary about people who could pierce themselves with knives and not get injured. It's only because we've come to accept ourselves as a body that can be harmed that we are injured."
"Yes, I see what you mean.

Everything in its essence is innocent. There is no concept of good or evil, things simply are. When babies put things in their mouths they are simply exploring their environments without judgment. It is society that programmes them into what is right and wrong. Don't eat this! Don't eat that! Don't touch this or that! We end up with people with lots of judgments, which they are dreaming up anyway. Is it any wonder mankind has dreamed up so many diseases? Where there are many dream diseases there have to be many dream cures.

The truth is I am Spirit and as Spirit I don't need to eat anything. Rules of feeding, diets and nutrition are dreams, all made up stuff.

Since it's all made up, food is what I believe it is.

Here's someone who has his own idea about diets.

"Michel Lotito (France) is known as Monsieur Mangetout ('Mr Eat Everything') because he has been eating metal and glass since 1959. Since 1966, he has consumed 18 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, 7 TV sets, 6 chandeliers, 2 beds, a pair of skis, a computer and a Cessna light aircraft. He is also said to have provided the only example in history of a coffin ending up inside a man. By October 1997, Monsieur Mangetout had eaten nearly 9 tonnes (19,840 lb) of metal. Despite this 'iron' constitution, he claims that bananas and hard boiled eggs make him sick." (Guinness World Records 2006, p. 27)
Bon appetit!


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