Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Experiences and My Vision are One

How I experience the world depends on whether I see with human vision or Love's Vision. One is beset with problems and the other is always perfect.

After I publish an article on my blogs I always email myself a copy of the article, which I save in the appropriate folder. Yesterday when I tried to access an article I wrote in August 2003, an error message came up and I couldn't open the file. I discovered I couldn't open articles from July 2003 to August 2004. The error message said I should contact Yahoo Mail for assistance, which I did. I received a response saying the problem had been resolved. If I had any problems I should write and describe the problem. When I tried to access the files the same error message came up. I wrote Yahoo describing the situation.

Time out! Let's rewind and look at this situation from a standpoint of Love. My function is Love and my body is to express my function. As Love, everything is always perfect.

As Love, I am opening the article I wanted to look at.
As Love, I am reviewing, editing and saving the article.
As Love, I am able to access all articles.

I released the "problem" and focused on other matters.

Today I've opened the folder and retrieved the document I wanted, which I have reviewed, edited and saved. I can also access all articles.

I am Love.
Every moment is unfolding perfectly.


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