Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Feelings Never Lie

My feelings never lie.

Now when I talk about feelings I'm not referring to emotions such as happiness or sadness, nor am I talking about physical sensations as in feeling hot or cold; it's more a knowing of what is. I can never describe how I know; I just know by feeling that knowing. You could say my feelings and knowing are one.

My feelings speak to me in two ways:

I feel like (or have a feeling that I should be) doing such and such; or
I don't feel like doing such and such.

This means that there are times when I feel like doing what I love, which leads me to meet someone or have a particular experience. There are also times when I don't feel like doing what I usually love doing, which is an indication that I need to focus on something else at that moment.

Yesterday, I received an email from a friend who wanted my mother's mailing address so he could send her a card. I obviously wasn't in my right mind at the time I read the email because I read the email as him wanting my mother's email address. I told him my mother didn't use emails but it was very kind of him to think of her.

Later while I was walking home in silence I had a feeling that my friend had been asking about my mother's mailing address. I re-read his email and saw my feeling had been right after all.

I trust in my feelings.


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