Monday, March 12, 2007

My Function and My Body are One

All dreams arise with a dream body (or dream bodies) which serves a particular function the dreamer has in mind. Once the function has been fulfilled the dream and the dream body are either dissolved or the dream changes, arising with the appropriate dream body or bodies.

While I was pondering on these ideas I noticed my mother was watching a documentary about crocodiles which turned out to be very relevant to what I was thinking about. According to the presenter, crocodiles seem to follow the "if it moves eat it" programme. However, female crocodiles who are breeding their young act in a different way. In one scene, a female crocodile picked up a baby turtle in her mouth but, instead of eating it, she walked to the river and released the baby turtle.

The documentary also showed buffalos in the Serengeti crossing a river full of crocodiles. The herd had to sacrifice several buffalos to the hungry crocodiles in order to cross over. Once the crocodiles were full, the buffalos could drink from the river without worrying about being attacked. In one scene, a crocodile grabbed one buffalo in its jaws but released it without injuring it because it wasn't hungry.

For the last few days I've been watching Crufts on television, the annual dog show to determine the best breed. The show ended yesterday with a Tibetan Terrier winning best in show.

While the "Dog Kennel" recognises 209 breeds, there are seven groups of dogs that were originally bred to serve particular functions:

The Hound to hunt by sight or smell.
The Gundog to find or retrieve live or injured game.
The Terrier to hunt vermin.
The Utility for a specific function other than sporting or working.
The Working to guard, search and rescue.
The Pastoral to work with cattle, sheep and other animals.
The Toy to be lap dogs and companions.

Because the dogs have been bred for a particular function their bodies have taken on that function. Pastoral dogs tend to have lots of hair to protect them from weather conditions. Toy dogs tend to look cute. Even when a dog is now living in a modern city that doesn't require him to retrieve game, he still tends to act out his function. I once lived with some flatmates who had a Yorkshire Terrier. When I took him for walks he expected me to play fetch. Sometimes I wasn't in the mood to go chasing after him but he expected me to. That's why I prefer cats; they tend to like doing their own thing.

I have a function - to be the Love/Light that I am. In this dream called earth I have a dream body that appears as a particular form. The trick is not to try and manipulate the body to become love but to simply know that my function and body arise as one. Therefore, my body's purpose is to radiate and express love and light as long as my function continues.

When your body is not expressing its true function it is expressing a dream function. Let's say you've dreamed up yourself a function as a boxer. You train your body to be a certain weight. When you're fit enough you get yourself involved in many bouts. Your body is now a fighting machine. As long as you're dreaming your function is a fighting machine, your body will always find something to fight against. If it's not fighting against another boxer it will fight against itself.

I believe we get sick, grow old and die because we're not expressing our true function. When you know your function is eternal life then your body has to take on that function.

My function is to be myself - the Love-Light that I am.
My function and my body are one.


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