Monday, June 25, 2007

Welcome to My Dream

Another blog, another dream. Well, it's about time I got down to the nitty gritty of dreaming.

All realities are dreams, meaning it makes no difference whether I am dreaming while asleep, thinking or having day-dreams, they are dreams, my dreams.

I am a Lucid Dreamer.

As a Lucid Dreamer I know my real identity is the clear awareness of light, the substance of all dreams.

As a Lucid Dreamer, I am always aware I'm in a dream.

As a Lucid Dreamer, I am aware that when I am dreaming it is my dream and I take complete responsibility for my dream.

It's fun to dream amazing and wondrous dreams.

Please note that the dreams I am sharing are my dreams only and not intended to instruct the reader in any way. Each of us is responsible for the dreams we have. We all have the resources we need to dream amazing dreams.

Much gratitude and love to Ben Gilberti for designing the fractal.

Happy dreaming to you all!

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With love,
Enocia, the Lucid Dreamer

Articles in Alphabetical Order


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A Ladder is a Ladder is a Ladder
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Cover Versions


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Diplomatic Immunity
DIY (Do It Yourself)
Dreamer and Stalker
Dreamer Without a Cause
Dreaming with Love


Empty Buckets
Energy Efficiency
Enter and Be Yourself
Excess Baggage
Every Day is My Day!


Falling in Love
Faulty Reception

Feeling Turned Off
Fetch! Sit! Good Dog!
Flying with Awareness
Free Hugs
Full Circle


Genetic Modification (GM)
God Can Afford Everything
Going the Whole Hog
Great News!
Guardian Angels


Heaven is Living from the Inside Out
Helping Others Fulfil Their Dreams
Hugs and Kisses


I Hear You
I See Only Love
I Would Rather Be Myself Than Convert Others
In the Pink
In the Spotlight
In Your Dreams
Is There Life After Death?
It is Impossible to Mark Love as Spam
It's All Done and Dusted
It's Like...I'm Possessed or Something


Joy to the Nth Degree


Let's Get It On
Life is Like an Internet Forum
Lighten Up!
Living on My Own Planet
Location, Location, Location
Losing Myself
Love Gives You Wings
Love In, Love Out
Love is All There Is
Love is the Lucid Dreamer
Love Will Come to You
Loving Myself
Loving What I Love
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreamer - Part 2
Lucid Dreaming


Making Everything Up
Marriage, Affairs and Divorce
Me, Mine, My, Myself and I are One
Mirror Image

Moisturising Cream
Moon Landing
My Experiences and My Vision are One
My Feelings Never Lie
My Function and My Body are One
My Life is My Work
My Love Guide
My Whistlestop Tour of London


Nice Outfit!
Nice to Meet You Too
No Beginning or Ending
No Judgment
Not Again!


Oh No, Our Dream Has Come True!
Oh No, Sports!
On Earth as in Heaven
On Perfection
On the Spot
One Long Dream
Our Needs are Constantly Being Met


Paint It Black
Pandora's Box
Pay Attention to the Moment
Photos of Friends
Playing the Game
Post-It Notes
Projection - Revisited


Receive Now!


Sexism is Dead!
Sharing the Dream
Shock Horror!
Song of the Day
Spirit Folk
Squeaking Alive
Starring in My Own Movie
Start as You Mean to Go On
Stay! Good Dog!
Staying Joined in Love
Such a Perfect Day
Super Powers
Symbols, Thoughts or Feelings


That Someday is Now
The Art of Dreaming
The Artist
The Dream of Losing and Finding
The Good Old Days
The Great Pretender
The Love Franchise
The Met Office Within
The Music of Love
The Naked Truth
The New Species of Man
The One Constant
The Ordinary is Extraordinary
The Power of Amnesia
The Presence - Where the Sun is Always Shining
The Problem is There Aren't Any Problems
The REAL Secret
The True Self
The Universe Gives and the Universe Takes Away
The Wonder of Creepy-Crawlies
There is Only One Lucid Dreamer
There is Only One Lucid Dreamer - Part 2
Thought of The Day
Thought of the Day - 2
To Everyone
Travelling Light


Universal Dreamers


Vivre La Difference!


Walking on Sunshine
What a Blessing!
What is Perfection?
While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play
Whiling the Time Away
Who is Dreaming Whom?
Why am I?
Why Some People Don't Want to "Wake Up"
With Gratitude
Word Power


Yahoo is Love
You are a Wonder!