Friday, March 09, 2007

There is Only One Lucid Dreamer

There's a bright golden haze on the meadow
There's a bright golden haze on the meadow
The corn is as high as an elephant's eye
And it looks like it's climbing right up to the sky

Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
I've got a beautiful feeling
Everything's going my way Oh What a Beautiful Morning
All realities are dreams, meaning it makes no difference whether I am dreaming while asleep, thinking, day-dreaming or visualising, they are dreams, my dreams.

While I am dreaming in my sleep, I'm in complete control of the dream. All images are ideas I've conjured up to express whatever I've been thinking of or been preoccupied with at the time. The same is true for when I'm thinking or visualising. In the waking dream, however, one can easily get mesmerised by appearances and believe others are dreaming you or you are a victim of circumstances.

A lucid dreamer is one who is always aware that he is in the one dream that is occurring whether one is awake or asleep. A lucid dreamer knows that he alone is the only dreamer. Even if there are other people in your dream it's because you are dreaming them. If you don't take control of the dream you're likely to get sucked into the zillions of conflicting beliefs vying for your attention. Even if you lapse in memory and the dream turns out to be a "nightmare", you can always dissolve it by waking out of it. There are, therefore, no victims, only dreamers.

People are so frightened of taking control of their dreams because it means facing up to the truth of who they really are: infinity = the ONE.

Surely that's blasphemy! I can't possibly think of myself as infinity! Only God is infinity.

What is God anyway?

God, the ONE, is infinite love = infinity.

What do you get when you subtract infinity from infinity?


No matter what you take away from infinite love there is always infinite love. In other words, the nature of the ONE always remains the same - infinite love - whether HE is appearing as many forms or one form. This means each of us is infinite love, the ONE dreamer. When you remember who you are as infinite Love and that you are the dreamer, you are a lucid dreamer.

Yeah, but, how is it possible to have all of us dreaming dreams? Won't it be chaotic?

No, it is perfectly natural for dreams to occur simultaneously without encroaching on one another's freewill. There's more than enough dreams to go round.

As I'm typing this I'm dreaming I'm in front of a computer tapping on a keyboard and posting an article on Blogger. The "I" is the One dreamer that is infinite Love appearing as Enocia. Beside me is another male dreamer of Infinite Love browsing on the Internet. Because I'm aware of him he's become part of my dream. The moment he walks away or I stop thinking about him, I'm no longer dreaming him, though he will always be a part of this dream article.

Here's one dream I had earlier.

On most main roads in London, the outer lanes are designated for buses. As I was walking this morning I saw a puddle next to a bus stop. As I was approaching the puddle I wondered if I was going to be fast enough before a bus approached as I didn't fancy getting splashed. Then I thought to myself: This is MY dream and it's going MY way. I had plenty of time to walk by before a bus appeared. Soon I saw another puddle and another bus was fast approaching. This time the bus driver swapped lanes so he could avoid the puddle.

And another dream.

Earlier when I came to the library, the librarian asked me about another friend who uses the library. I told her I hadn't seen her in a while. Although I have forwarded her a few emails I have been meaning to write her a personal email to discuss something with her. When I opened my email there was a message from her about the topic I had in mind. I told her we'd been discussing her. She said she'd also been thinking about me. We ended up exchanging funny emails. It was nice dreaming my friend.

Every day is a new opportunity for me to dream about love, peace, joy, abundance, beauty, wholeness, perfection, light, wisdom, goodness, friendship, infinitum.

Enjoy your dreams.


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