Thursday, March 15, 2007

While the Cat's Away, the Mice Will Play

Earlier today I forwarded a joke to a friend, whose blog I love reading. He emailed me back asking me how I knew about his new blog, which he's just set up. He said he's got a Tracker technology that can tell where people are browsing from and yesterday he discovered I had been browsing his new blog. (He even emailed me the evidence). I said I didn't consciously browse his website because I wasn't aware he had a new blog site, I only have the current one. Obviously the all-knowing me does.

It really doesn't surprise me that I had browsed my friend's new blog without my conscious awareness. I've done this before when I have deleted pictures on my blogs and replaced them with fractals without my conscious awareness.

It would seem while the cat's away the mice come out to play. When I'm not thinking or scheming, I am being the infinite self. All things are possible with the infinite self.

I love the work my friend is doing anyway and I know we're already working together in Spirit though I'm not consciously aware of this.

Incidentally, the joke I forwarded to my friend was called "SuperNatural." I guess that says it all really.

I wonder what else my squeaky friends are up to when I'm not in?


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