Thursday, March 22, 2007

Why Some People Don't Want to "Wake Up"

All realities are dreams. You are either dreaming unconsciously i.e. not aware that you are the dreamer and unfolding creation; or you are consciously/lucid dreaming i.e. being aware that you are in a dream and that you are in total control of your dream.

Now while many people on the spiritual path claim they want to "wake up" and be the true self so they can become lucid dreamers, they have a vested interest in staying asleep. Here's one such example.

I watched a documentary recently on television called Body Shock: World's Biggest Boy, about a 7 year old Russian boy called Jambik, who weighs 16 stone and nearly twice the size of his older brother who is twice his age. (14 pounds = 1 stone)

A British expert in child obesity takes it upon himself to fly to Russia to help the boy lose weight. He believes if something is not done, the boy is likely to suffer the consequences of his obesity. Alas, the doctor has two obstacles to contend with.

First, people in the town, where Jambik and his family live, don't see his size as a problem. Jambik reminds people of a mythical local hero who was renowned for his size. Therefore, Jambik is not only revered, people feed him so he can maintain his weight.

The second obstacle is Jambik's mother, who believes in the local myth and sees her son as being special. She is also a single parent with two sons to feed living in an area where most people are unemployed. It turns out Jambik's size has a hidden benefit - fame and glory. Jambik's size has attracted the world's media attention and he and his family have travelled to many parts of the world to show off his size. The family's income comes from the fees they're paid to appear in these shows. Jambik's mother also believes that her son is destined to become a fighter. Jambik dreams of becoming a Sumo wrestler. They even filmed Jambik performing in a Sumo wrestling match which he won. It's obviously not in the family's best interest for Jambik to lose weight.

In the meantime, the doctor suggests the boy is put through rigorous tests to discover the real cause of Jambik's size. One theory he has is that Jambik may have been given Steroids. The doctor puts forward his theory to one medical expert who refuses to comment. He puts his Steroid theory to another Russian expert and she foolishly agrees that the boy may very well have been given Steroid. Soon the expert retracts her support of the Steroid theory. I reckon the expert was forced to retract her statement or face legal action.

After the doctor has analysed the test results, the doctor tries to convince Jambik's mother that her son is in grave medical danger and needs to lose weight. She doesn't agree with his opinions. As far as she's concerned, her son was born to be a fighter and she's going to do all she can to get sponsorship for him. The doctor has no choice but to return to England.

The documentary raises two issues. The first explains why people who claim they want to wake up don't really want to. In essence, everyone is the Presence of Love and as the Presence we are all awake. It is you who chose to dream. You dreamed up whatever beliefs you have embraced to keep your experiences alive and it is up to you to let these beliefs go. No one can wake you up but you. All you need to do is know that you are already awake. Obviously, if your identity is being sustained by your dream, you are not going to want to relinquish it, are you? Why should Jambik's mother want her son to lose weight when his weight is literally sustaining her family?

The second issue the documentary raises is motive. What was the doctor's true motive? He claimed he was interested in doing what was best for the boy and his family. I saw him as wanting to be the "saviour", the one who was able to help this poor sick boy. Naturally, success would make him even more popular within the medical community. His plan didn't quite work out because his dream wasn't congruent with Jambik's mother's dream; so the doctor had to let his dream go. Thus, one has to examine one's motive for wanting others to "wake up." Is it because you've dreamed yourself the identity as saviour?

Personally, I believe in giving people the freedom to dream whatever they want to dream, just like I want to be free to dream whatever I choose. When people have had enough of their dreams and want to "wake up" so they can become lucid dreamers, they will wake up. There is limitless help available anyway for people when they are ready.

Does this mean people can't help others to wake up to who they are? If that is your dream or "calling" then you have to be prepared to give people the space to wake up when they are ready. All you can do is love and let go.

No one can make you "wake up" but you.


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