Saturday, March 31, 2007

Word Power

"The pen is mightier than the sword." Origin
There is much written and being taught nowadays about the power of words. Be very careful about the words you use or there are consequences. Is it really true that words have power?

Journalists, politicians, doctors and lawyers are very conscious about the power of words. Reputations have been ruined by the power of words; acts have been passed in parliament by the power of words; people have been cured or made sick by the power of words; innocent people have been found guilty by the power of words.

I believe what makes words powerful is the intent behind the words. The intent is one's state of mind at the time one is using the words. If I'm coming from a place of anger then words are a form of attack. However, when I'm coming from a place of joy then the words I use are infused with joy.

One of my ways of expressing joy is through the use of satire and banter. Thus, even though the words might seem like a putdown, I know the intent is to express joy. The only power words infused with joy have is to love and bless everyone.

Love to all.


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