Monday, April 30, 2007

Excess Baggage

My mother was getting her clothes ready for church the following day. She said she had a scarf that would match her costume but it was in a suitcase underneath two other suitcases. Could I help her remove the ones on top? I shifted the two suitcases for her.

After a few minutes mum said, "You're going to be very cross with me."


"Because the scarf wasn't in that suitcase," she smiled sheepishly. "It's in the next one up."

"No problem."

I put the suitcase she wanted to look in on her bed and left her to rummage inside. After a few minutes she was back.

"You're really going to be angry with me," she said.

"Now what?"

"I'm afraid the scarf wasn't in that suitcase either, it's in the top suitcase."

"I see," I said.

While I was putting back the suitcases in the order I'd found them, I was thinking "God give me strength."

"Sorry about getting you to lift them for nothing."

"It's OK, mum."

I wondered why I had been sent on that wild goose chase. All will be revealed I'm sure.

Later I sat quietly watching television. I was half-sleepy. I was in two minds whether to go to bed or to have a shower and then go to bed. Decisions, decisions! Mum asked me if I was tired.

"No, I'm fine."

"I thought you were still tired after lifting those suitcases."

"No, that happened an hour ago, mum. I was just wondering whether I should have a shower or not."

"So you're not still upset with me for giving you all that work?"

"Of course not! As far as I'm concerned it was over the moment I put back the suitcases."

"That's good," she said, "because I've been feeling really guilty for putting you through all that hassle."

"There was no need for you to feel guilty, mum," I said. "Like I said, I let go of the incident the moment I put the suitcases back."

"Good, I can let go of my guilt then."

"Mum, you do make me laugh," I said. "You sound like people who are still angry over slavery."

"Well, they have a right to be angry because they weren't compensated after they were free. Other groups have been compensated."

"Mum, as far as I'm concerned, slavery ended when it ended."

"But the people who are angry are descendants of slaves."

"Well, I'm not a descendant of slaves, I am Spirit."

"Not many people think like you."

"I guess not," I sighed. "I guess I don't have the belief that something that happened many centuries ago has to have an impact on me now."

Mum and I agreed to disagree.

Speaking of which, last night I watched a documentary on television called Fat Man's Warning about a 30 stone American who comes to Britain with a mission to warn Brits that if they're not careful they could end up being as fat as him. He believes Britain is four years behind America as far as obesity is concerned. He went round carrying a placard with the words: "The Future is Fat."

For me, the man's mission represented the belief that your past behaviour affects who you are being now. If you believe what you're eating is not only bad for you but has lasting consequences, then you should expect your belief to accompany you in the form of psychological and/or eating disorders, obesity and other diseases. I believe in eating what I love and enjoying whatever it is at that moment. Once I've finished whatever I'm eating, that experience is over and it's on to the next moment.

Incidentally, a few days ago mum asked me how much I weighed because she thought I looked thinner. I said I hadn't weighed myself in a while but I believed I was 8 stone (112 pounds). The next morning I weighed myself and I was 8 stone; I showed mum the evidence. I've been 8 stone for six years and I intend to keep it that way. The future, as I see it, is 8 stone.

The wonderful thing about freewill is we are free to choose what we believe in. We can choose to feel guilty or not. We can choose to feel angry over an experience and join others who feel just like us, or not. I wonder how many people will continue to hold a grudge if they realised it's a baggage they are choosing to carry?

Every moment is a new opportunity to be Love, even when I appear to have been sent on a wild goose chase.

Love is the only excess baggage I choose to carry with me everywhere I go.


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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Last night I had a cramp on one foot. I could feel it getting worse and it was very painful. I relaxed and observed it without judgment but the pain got worse. In thought I asked for help but I didn't feel any release. Then I had an idea to just love the foot. So I thought "I love you," over and over again until Love was all I was being. I could no longer feel my body as a form, it was formless. I noticed the pain had also become formless i.e. no pain.

My body is perfect now; all I have to do is love it as it is and let it be Love.

I am Love.


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While the bus I was on was waiting for passengers to get on board, I noticed a man outside walking his dog friend. The dog was sniffing around as dogs do and stopped to stick his head through a fence made of vertical bars, similar to ones most parks have. The dog's head got stuck in the bars. It was hilarious. When his human friend realised what had happened, he yanked him out and they continued on their walk.

The dog's experience reminded me of my many misadventures. Like the dog, I'm allowed to sniff around and explore life and when I've got into a situation I've been yanked out of it without judgement.

That, for me, is compassion.


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guardian Angels

When I got on the bus this morning the driver was chatting to another passenger about when a passenger dropped his wallet containing wads of cash and he kept it for him. When the driver handed him his wallet back he didn't offer him any money as a thank you. The passenger shared the following story.

He said one evening while he was at an off-licence (a shop that is licensed to sell alcohol) a man came in and we was very drunk. He bought something and left his jacket at the shop. The owner of the shop was going to put the jacket away but he (the bus passenger) advised him to check the pockets, just in case. There was £3,500 in the pocket. A few days later the passenger went back to the off-licence and saw the jacket was still hanging there. Then a few young men came into the shop. When they saw the jacket, they accused the off-licence owner of mugging their friend and were going to beat him up but the passenger explained that their friend had been drunk when he arrived and had left the jacket. The owner of the jacket checked his pocket and found the money he'd left inside the jacket. He bought several cans of beer and he left without saying thank you.

"Wow, that man was lucky to have had you at that shop," I said to the passenger. "Things could have turned nasty for him."

"He's an honest man that's why things worked out for him."

Just shows there are guardian angels around us.


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On the bus a blind passenger asked if we were at a particular road. I said no. He asked if someone could let him know when we arrived at a particular church on that road.

A few of us kept our eyes peeled and we noticed the church. I told the blind passenger he needed to get off at the next stop and walk back, which he did with his faithful guide dog beside him.

I thought about how much trust he has in people to guide him, and in his dog to lead the way.

Imagine if we could all trust in the Universe like that. Just imagine.


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Thought of the Day - 2

Light knows nothing of light or darkness; Light is all there is.

Light's function is to be Light.


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Friday, April 27, 2007

A Real Sweetheart

So I noticed a woman and her husband getting on the bus I was on. She was dressed very smart and she looked very sweet. She said hello to another passenger she knew. She sat next to me.

I noticed as she spoke to her husband, her West Indian accent sounded very pleasant.

As we were approaching my stop I got up to leave. The lady accidentally brushed against me.

"Sorry, sweetheart," she said.
"That's quite alright," I said.

The woman's friend was also getting off at my stop. She said to her "Have a good day, honey!"

What a sweet lady! I bet all her experiences are sweet.


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Let's Get It On

I've been really tryin, baby
Tryin to hold back these feelings for so long
And if you feel, like I feel baby
Come on, oh come on,

Let's get it on
Lets get it on
Let's get it on
Let's get it on […]

There's nothin wrong with me
Lovin you--- And givin yourself to me can never be wrong
If the love is true

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful, life can be
I'm askin you baby, to get it on with me
I aint gonna worry, I aint gonna push
So come on, come on, come on, come on baby
Stop beatin round the bush.... Let's Get It On
At a forum a friend mentioned the song "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. I looked it up on YouTube and found a version performed by Jared Cotter from American Idol.

As I was watching the video in the library a boy approached me. He had lovely rosy cheeks and the sweetest smile. I returned his smile then I continued watching the video, expecting him to return to his mother who was working on the computer opposite me. No such luck! My friend just stood there grinning at me with so much love in his eyes. I could feel his love melting away any resistance I had.

"What's your name?" he whispered.
"What's yours?"
"Kamal," or so it sounded to me. He looked Turkish.

He moved closer and stood next to me.

"What are you doing?" he said.
"I'm watching a video."

He kept smiling his sweet smile. I surrendered to his love.

"Do you want to listen?" I said.

I handed him my earplugs though only one of them was working at the time. I let him watch the video.

"Are you enjoying the music?"
"Yes," he said. "What's he saying?"
"He's singing about love," I said.

While he was watching the video his mother told him it was time to go, but he was reluctant to leave. We said goodbye and I went back to watching the video. A few minutes later, I noticed Kamal's mother was back on the computer. Kamal wanted to watch the video. His mother told him I was here to work and he wasn't being fair taking up my time. I told her I didn't mind at all.

Soon Kamal was bored with the video. He pointed to an ice hockey video that he wanted to watch. I said he had to ask his mother first whether it was suitable. He pleaded and pleaded and I thought, "Sod it! This hour was obviously made for us so I'm going with the moment."

So I let my friend select a video. We watched some ice hockey. After a while he said, "I don't like it. I want to see something else."

I was really impressed that he knew how to use the mouse. When I was his age the only thing I knew about a mouse was the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice. He selected another video - more ice hockey. After that we watched even more ice hockey. Yawn! While he was enjoying his ice hockey I stroked his short hair.

"Your hair is soft and spiky," I said to him.

He felt my hair, which I keep natural and really short.

"Your hair is hard," he said.
"Yes, my hair is hard."
"My hair is harder than yours!" he said.
"No, My Hair Is Harder Than Yours!" I said.

I figured I wasn't going to win that argument so I tried a different tack.

"Well, I'm bigger than you!" I said.
"No, I'm Bigger Than You!"

We agreed to disagree and went back to watching videos. Kamal picked a video called Spit Art about a guy who draws pictures with his spit. He chuckled throughout and thought it was disgusting. I showed him the Ana Julia Torres and Jupiter video of a lion hugging his rescuer. He loved it but insisted that the lion wanted to get out of the cage. I reckon he had a point; I would imagine the lion prefers to be out on the prowl than locked in a cage. I showed him the video of Nora, the piano-playing cat. He found that rather amusing. The final video he selected was Skyline about a guy who rides on his bicycle dripping white paint everywhere he goes until a police officer arrives on the scene.

"Uh-oh, he's going to get into trouble," I said to Kamal.
"He's going to go to prison," he chuckled.
"It's all your fault for getting him in trouble," I prodded his arm.
"No, It's All Your Fault!" he prodded me.

We exchanged grins.

At the end of the video the guy is instructed to clean up his mess.

I was nearly out of time. I told Kamal it was time for me to go home. Before we parted company there was something I needed to know.

"How old are you?"
"You're not seven!" I said.
"Yes, I am."

I asked his mother and she said he was four and a half. I said goodbye to Kamal and his mother.

I also saw another friend in the library who was about to leave. She asked me if I wanted a pear. I told her I'd completely forgotten pears existed. I don't tend to eat much fruit, I prefer drinking fruit concentrates. The last time I had some fruits was when my mother was in hospital two months ago and some friends brought her some. As for pears, I don't even remember the last time I had one. Oh well, might as well enjoy it. It was crunchy just the way I like them.

My friend walked me to the bus station. She told me about her new job. We also discussed the way recruitment agencies operate when they pretend their client has offered a particular rate per hour when in fact they're receiving double or treble the amount. That's business! I noticed my friend's watch was heart-shaped and very pretty. She waited until my bus arrived and we exchanged hugs goodbye.

On the way home, I thought about how the song "Let's Get It On" represents Love in action. In fact, every moment Love is saying "let's get it on." In other words, let's have fun and play. Let's enjoy being Love. Let's love one another. Let's share our joy. Let's be together. Love as Kamal wanted to play; Love as the pear wanted me to enjoy its gift; and Love as my friend was sharing her joy or lack of enthusiasm in recruitment agencies.

The Marvin Gaye song goes, "I aint gonna push," meaning Love doesn't force anyone to do anything. On the one hand, Love waits on everyone to surrender; on the other, Love never stops asking us if we want to get it on.

There are times when Love's call to "get it on" can be a tad inconvenient, particularly when I'm fast asleep; and I love my beauty sleep. I would wake up out of a nice dream and feel all this Love pouring in as ideas or just a feeling of bliss. I would remain in that state for hours. I would then be aware that it's nearly daybreak and I want to get some sleep, not that I need to but it's just a habit. Love doesn't seem to have any concept of sleep, which is a bit of a bummer!

It seems to me the majority of people who understand what it means to "get it on" are young kids who are still very much open to love and trust; they haven't yet been programmed into the system. Adults tend to believe to "get it on" means to have sex or be in an intimate relationship with someone. There are so many opportunities for us to en-joy one another without sex coming into it. Sometimes it's just about connecting at that moment and acknowledging someone's presence.

When I got home and I shared my experience with my mother. She told me she met a little girl at the supermarket who asked her name and said goodbye using her name. I was glad to hear how she was getting it on.

Let's get it on.


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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Met Office Within

Earlier today I woke up and looked outside. It looked warm to me. I had the idea to I asked my Met Office within me, that knows about the weather what outfit I should put on.

I was told to wear two tops, my jeans, my fleece jacket and my boots.

It's been quite breezy today. I'm glad I followed the Met Office's advice.

It's wonderful to know I have infinite resources within me.


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A few dream days ago my mother told me she put some slices of bread underneath the grill but they didn't get toasted. She believed the grill section of the cooker had packed up. She said she'd been thinking of getting a new cooker anyway.

Last night I felt like having some toast so I turned the grill on and toasted three slices of bread. I showed the result to my mother.

"How did it happen?
"Don't know."
"Maybe, the bread was too old."

I thought it was an interesting theory.

All I know is that I expected the grill to work and it did.

Thanks grill for doing such an excellent job.


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On buses there are certain seats allocated to different passengers. There are seats for the elderly and those carrying young kids and there is a space for pushchairs. However, the same space allocated for pushchairs is the same one allocated for a passenger in a wheelchair.

On a bus recently, a man got on with his dog but the driver said he wasn't allowed to travel with his dog. I was quite surprised about this because I've seen dogs upstairs. It's only guide dogs that are allowed to sit in the lower deck. Maybe the driver didn't like dogs. The passenger made a lot of fuss about this but the driver wouldn't budge. The dog didn't seem bothered at all; it knew it was getting home one way or another.

At the bus station this morning, I noticed a passenger in a wheel chair. When our bus arrived, he beckoned to the driver to let the ramp out so he could get on. As there was already a pushchair in the space, the driver asked the woman to fold the chair. She said it wasn't a collapsible pushchair. The driver told her that if she couldn't collapse it she should wait for another bus as the disabled passenger had priority. The woman wasn't very happy about this arrangement but she got off the bus.

When I got off my bus I noticed another bus right behind which meant the lady and her child in the pushchair didn't have to wait for the next bus.

There are no priorities in LOVE. All needs are equally met.


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A Dream is a Dream is a Dream

My sleeping dreams are exactly like my waking dreams i.e. people are constantly popping up to act out a particular thought or idea I have in mind.

Yesterday evening I went to my favourite bookshop to have a good browse, which I haven't done in quite a while. I heard an announcement about an open mic poetry event. I thought it would be fun to listen in. I was asked if I wanted to perform but I declined not because I was shy but because I've never memorised any of the poems I've written. I might print some off and perform at the next event.

I treat poetry events the same way I treat going to an art gallery; I'm not interested in the artist's reputation, I am just happy to enjoy their gifts. Each poet had touched on a theme or topic I was either preoccupied with or had recently thought of. I was aware that I was dreaming this event.

One poet performed a skit about complaining. I made a mental note to speak to her about the Complaint-Free bracelet idea. (See A Complaint Free World). At the end of the performance I spoke to another poet about his work on oneness and blogging. I told him I was a blogger and I write about oneness. In the meantime, the other poet who had written about complaints was speaking to someone else. When we finally had the opportunity to speak, I thanked her for her poems and told her about the bracelet. She asked me if I wanted to go to a writer's group that's doing a theme about complaining. I said I would love to.

My friend asked me what kind of stuff I wrote about. I said I write about being true to yourself. She said she understood where I was coming from; she was very interested in living the life she was born to live. She said she's been off work sick and been rethinking her whole life and who she thought she was.

At the pub where the writers' group was supposed to be held, we were told it wasn't on. My friend had got the day wrong. She asked me if I wanted to either attend another poetry evening or a debating society. I thought the debating society sounded like fun but it was down south and we needed to get there by train, so I declined. My friend said she believed we were meant to meet up. She asked me for my website address. We hugged and kissed goodbye.

My last bus home was taking ages to arrive.

"There is no waiting," the Voice within said. "All is Love. What seems like waiting is simply an opportunity to be Love. Why don't you stay alert and see what happens?

"Yeah, yeah, I know all this," I said, "but where is my bloody bus?" :-)

My bus finally arrived. My attention was drawn to a passenger whose face looked familiar though I don't remember seeing him before. I smiled at him and he sat beside me. I noticed he had two newspapers. One headline looked intriguing so I asked him if I could have a look. He said I could have them. The first headline read: "The New Earth - Does the discovery of a planet just like ours mean there IS life out there?" The second leading headline was called "Diana Inquest: A New Fiasco." (See Found 20 light years away: the New Earth and Princes' Anguish Over New Diana Inquest Fiasco).

I could see why I'd attracted this passenger; I wrote an article the day before called Living on My Own Planet, where I discussed my dream about Prince William splitting up with his girlfriend Kate. As I hadn't kept up to date with the news, I wasn't aware that the split had already taken place. My mother confirmed they split up a while back and I was obviously on my own planet not to have heard about it. I wonder if the "new earth" astronomers have apparently discovered is my planet? It could be. ;-)

Anyway, I shared my dream about Prince William with my friend on the bus. He said I should stay alert for lottery numbers. He shared his own theory about Diana's accident. I told him he had an interesting theory. I thanked my friend for his newspapers and said goodbye.

It's funny how things turn out. If my bus had arrived "on time" I would have missed the opportunity to see the news headlines in the Daily Mail and my friend's Diana theory. I would probably have dreamed it up at a later stage anyway.

I really enjoyed that dream.

Happy dreaming!


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I've noticed that the moment I have a thought or write about something I receive a spam of the same title. I just thought about McDonald as in the restaurant and I received an email into my Inbox from someone called McDonald. Is it possible I'm thinking these Spams into being?

Time to think something more constructive:



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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Shock Horror!

The other night I noticed the film The Amityville Horror was on. It's about a newly-married couple who move into a haunted house. I started watching it but after a few minutes I changed it because it was boring.

I remember watching The Exorcist for the first time and wondered what the fuss was about. I thought it was a comedy.

People are bored with horror films and want to be freaked out for real. Is it any wonder why there are all these reality TV shows about haunted houses?

It's good to see man is evolving to bigger and better things.


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Living on My Own Planet

I'm constantly being asked what planet I'm from. What if when you're being yourself you're living in your own unique planet?

Although I love the media, I only tend to read stories I'm interested in such as unusual or funny news items. Unless there's been a major incident, I can go for weeks at a time not being aware of what's going on in the "real world." As I'm aware that one can still pick up news stories telepathically, I tend to filter out thought-forms I don't want to experience. One way I do this is by being in silence or focus only on being love.

Last night I had this vivid dream that Prince William was splitting up from his girlfriend, Kate Middleton. They said they weren't ready to get married but I spoke to Prince Charles and he told me he didn't think she was suitable. I woke up this morning wondering why I had experienced that dream. I shared the dream with my mother.

"What planet have you been living on?" mum said. "Prince William and his girlfriend split up about two weeks ago. It's been all over the papers."

"Really, I wasn't aware of this. I am now," I chuckled. "Most of the news is recycled information anyway so I'm finally catching up on the news in my dreams."

Hmmm, I must have had a moment of weakness there in my filtering technology to have picked up on the Prince William and Kate thought-forms. For more thought-forms about the split see: Prince William splits from Kate.

Just as I can choose what news items I want to be aware of, I can choose what kind of day I wish to experience. A week ago there was one day that was meant to be in the mid-20s Celsius, which was pretty hot for April. I had on a t-shirt, a jumper and my fleece jacket. While I was in town I noticed people dressed in t-shirts. Has the world gone stark raving bonkers? On my bus home a man sat beside me with only a short sleeve shirt on.

"Excuse me, this might sound like a strange question," I said to him, "but has it been a hot day?"
"Yes it's been pretty hot," he said. "Why?"
"Feel my hands."

He reached out and touched my ice cold hands.

"They're freezing," he said.

Either I wasn't living on his planet or I was dead.

When I got home I asked my mother the same question. She said it was a hot day and I was in my own planet, as per usual. The next day was expected to be another scorcher. I decided to experience that reality. I only had a t-shirt and a cardigan and it felt quite warm; even my hands felt warm

Occasionally, out of curiosity, I might choose to explore other planets; otherwise, I prefer living in my own planet.

Sorry, astronomers, I can't prove to you my planet exists; you're just going to have to take my word for it.

In my own planet I am being myself.


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Our Needs are Constantly Being Met

On the bus a man asked passengers if they knew where the local job centre was and where he could get off. The man didn't get any response. I remember seeing it somewhere but I couldn't remember at that moment. By the time I remembered the man had moved to the front of the bus. I went over to him and told him where he should get off.

"Actually I work in the same building," another man said. "I'll take him there."

Wow, the man's answer was right where he was standing.

The Universe is constantly meeting our needs.


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Monday, April 23, 2007

It is Impossible to Mark Love as Spam

I received several emails today in my Inbox which looked like Spams. Although two of the emails stood out, I marked them as Spams and deleted them.

After I'd done the deed a friend I sometimes see in the library came over to me and asked if I'd received an email she'd forwarded to me about angels. I said I received several emails but I didn't recognise her name. She sent the email again but it didn't appear in my Inbox. I showed her the Trash folder of emails I'd deleted. Two of them were from her. She said her name has been registered incorrectly that's why I hadn't recognised her emails. It was a wonderful and inspiring email.

I returned to the Trash folder and read the other email that had stood out. It was from someone inviting me to contribute an article to his journal. I unSpammed it and returned it to my Inbox.

I read the rest of the emails I'd marked as Spam; I was right about them - Spams forever!

Love will always make Its intentions known whether It is marked as Spam or not.


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Staying Joined in Love

"The meaning of life is location, location, location; Love, Love, Love." Location, Location, Location
In truth we're always joined in Love.

In that case how come I'm not experiencing joy and happiness all the time?

It depends whether you're doing what you love. Everyone has something they love doing. The moment you're doing what you love, feeling love or sharing love you're automatically joined.

Staying joined in Love is the equivalent of doing a search for, say, "vector" on Google. Millions of hits come up. In other words, I'm connected to the "brotherhood" of vectors on the Internet. In the same respect when I'm being love whether sharing my joy, doing what I love, receiving love, intending joy, or being in silence, I'm automatically joined with the Brotherhood of Love. Then Love works its magic in and around me of restoring, healing, and unfolding creation.

A week ago I thought of a friend I haven't seen for a few weeks. He showed up at the library. We were both excited to catch up. My friend is very passionate about sharing the Love of God from a Christian perspective. He shared many examples of the power of God at work in his life. As we were chatting I was aware that my time was running out and needed to have the time extended, but it was automatically extended without my needing to ask for it. I pointed this out to my friend. We ended up chatting for about two hours.

Yesterday while I was working in another library and I was reading and sharing information I love at a forum, my time was extended twice without my having to ask for it.

Love is infinite possibility.

Love can expand time.
Love can multiply things that appear to be limited.
Love heals and restores.

In Love,

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On the bus yesterday I heard a yelp and realised someone had stepped on a dog's paw. I heard a man's raised voice blaming the owner for having the dog in the way. While they were busy arguing the dog sat patiently. I guess the dog had already let go of that moment.

Now that's forgiveness.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lovely Day

Here's one of my favourite songs. It's called Lovely Day by Bill Withers.

If you fancy a sing-a-long see Lyrics.

Have a lovely day, everyone.
Love Enocia

Location, Location, Location

According to estate agents the most important things to consider when buying or selling a property are location, location and location. Location usually means what area is now fashionable to live in, which usually affects the value of the property.

In the same respect, how I experience the world depends on my location. Someone could be sharing something inspiring but if I'm not in that place of Love I'm not going to appreciate it.

If I'm not located in Joy I'm not going to experience the day as such.

If I'm not located in Peace I'm going to be looking to others to give me peace or believe another is capable of stealing my peace.

The meaning of life is location, location, location; Love, Love, Love.

I find the easiest way to be in Love is to do what I love.


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Saturday, April 21, 2007


"change or conversion to another form, appearance, etc.; transformation: a swift translation of thought into action." Translation -
In this dream reality, things appear to be material. If you hit your head against a brick wall it hurts. However, things are not what they seem. What feels hard only appears that way because of one's perception. Everything is energy.

Last night a car alarm went off in our neighbourhood. Instead of finding it disruptive, I thought it sounded very melodic and joyful. It was fun moving in time to the alarm until it got switched off. That's what happens when I'm experiencing the world with joy - I end up feeling more joy which leads to joyful experiences ad infinitum.

The same is true when I see with love, peace, happiness, gratitude, etc.

When I am seeing the world as love, I am translating the world from physical/material to Spirit. As I continue to translate everything into Spirit then my experiences are Spirit. So if I hit my head against a brick wall I don't expect to feel pain but softness, gentleness. That has happened many times.

Imagine what the world will be like if we all translated it into Spirit. Then are we truly living in Heaven. Perhaps there will come a time when those who are seeing as Spirit will simply disappear from the view of the materialists, just as Enoch did when he walked with God. As the Bible puts it:

"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Genesis 5: 24
Enoch didn't die, he was translated into another realm.

There are times when I am walking and I would see mist around me, as if I'm somewhere else. Then I would realise I'm still here. I noticed this recently while I was at home and it suddenly got cloudy in the living room but my mother didn't notice anything. A while back I was sitting in the bookshop with a friend and I saw the mist again. I asked him if he could see it and he said no. Then he pointed to the far end of the bookshop and said it looked smoky. He was experiencing what I was experiencing in his own way.

Translation is a choice. I can either choose to live on earth or experience Heaven on earth.

I choose Heaven on earth now.


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Lucid Dreamer - Part 2

Some rules about being a lucid dreamer, as I am dreaming them.

A lucid dreamer knows all realities are dreams.

A lucid dreamer knows that there are infinite dreamers enjoying perfect dreams. Together they are the Universal Dreamers. Universal dreamers inspire dreamers to dream in accordance with their true nature.

A lucid dreamer realises his identity as Light expressing the following attributes:

Abundance, Acceptance, Beauty, Being, Boundlessness, Brilliance, Causelessness, Changeless, Creativity, Energy, Eternality, Formlessness, Freedom, Friendship, Fulfilment, Gentleness, Goodness, Grace, Harmony, Imagination, Infinity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy, Life, Light, Limitlessness, Love, Magic, Majesty, Oneness, Order, Originality, Peace, Perfection, Power, Presence, Purity, Radiance, Reality, Simplicity, Soul, Source, Spirit, Steadfastness, Stillness, Supply, Support, Timelessness, Trust, Truth, Unconditioned, Unchanging, Unity, Uniqueness, Wealth, Wholeness, Wisdom, Wonder and so much more.

A lucid dreamer is always being true to himself and is not influenced by other dreamers unless he chooses to be influenced.

A lucid dreamer is in total control of his dreams. If he doesn't like the dream he can change it.

A lucid dreamer believes in his dreams.

A lucid dreamer only shares his dreams with others who are willing to experience the dream with him.

A lucid dreamer gives everyone the freedom to dream whatever they choose to dream whether he's in agreement with their dreams or not.

A lucid dreamer believes all dreams are possible.

I am a lucid dreamer.


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Super Powers

Sometimes I can't be bothered to wake up in the middle of the night just to have a pee. So I tend to just shift myself into Spirit mode and then fall asleep. Don't ask me how this works, I just know that I am Spirit and I lose the urge to have a pee.

Last night I woke up with the urge to have a pee but I switched mode and fell asleep. I woke up this morning around 8.45 am and I went to have a pee. Only a trickle came out. Where did the pee go? Was it transformed into energy?

Come to think of it, I've never heard of Superman having a pee or doing number twos. Is it possible that his superpowers are the result of his pee and poo transformed into energy? Ditto Spiderman, Wonder Woman and the Incredible Hulk.

Maybe, I should do an experiment and go for days and not pee and see what happens.

I am Super Woman.


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Friday, April 20, 2007

Symbols, Thoughts or Feelings

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Matthew 6: 33-34
There is a television advert for a furniture company whose sale always ends on Sunday. I often wonder which Sunday they're referring to. Next Sunday, first Sunday in March 2008, last Sunday in December 2010, first Sunday in Never?

People, including myself, are constantly saying "See you later." What do people mean by later? 1 minute later, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 years later, in the after life, when?

What about when people say "I'll see you in a sec?" A second lasts only one moment and it's gone. That means most of us are lying.

For Christ's sake, Enocia, you're taking words literally. Words are not meant to be literal, they are only symbols.

Is it true words are only symbols?

The universe is Mind in manifestation, therefore, thoughts are literally things. This computer I'm working on was/is an idea in mind before someone received the idea, developed it, and it became a thing. The space between idea and form is the time it takes for the idea to become a tangible form.

In that case if the thought or idea is the very thing, why aren't people manifesting their thoughts instantly?

Because most people are not ready to accept that reality.

Imagine if the "inventor" of the computer saw the computer idea as the very thing. The computer would be instantly manifested, right? There wouldn't be any need for factories to manufacture computers when he can simply think the computers into existence. No factories mean no jobs and massive unemployment. Unemployment means boredom. So for the sake of people's sanity, people would rather stick to using words as symbols. Symbols allow for space between the idea and form which gives rise to time; and with time in your hands you need to occupy yourself, which means employment for the masses.

Those who have realised their identity as Mind accept that thoughts are things. Where thoughts are things you are now living in the timeless realm where all is one. You are now no longer employed in the traditional sense.

The problem with living with the awareness of "thoughts are things" is you have to be very disciplined and think only thoughts you wish to experience otherwise...oops and more oops. Speaking of which, while I was taking a walk in the park the other day, I thought of a lion and a man on the other side roared. Blimey! Just as well it wasn't a real lion. Now do you see the importance of being disciplined in your thinking?

There is a way of getting round creating many oops moments - by focusing only on feelings of love, peace, joy, freedom, gratitude, happiness, wholeness, stillness etc.

Let's say I am focused on joy. While I don't know what joy looks like, I know what it feels like. As I focus on the feeling of joy, I end up attracting experiences that make me feel more joy; and the more joy I experience, the more joy I get to experience, and the more joy I experience and it snowballs from there.

At least while I'm feeling joy there's no chance of me creating an oops moment because everything I experience will be emerging from the feeling of joy.

It seems to me I could choose to experience life as symbols, thoughts, or as feelings. I prefer feeling my way around; it's a lot less messy.

I feel love.


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sharing the Dream

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24
I believe there is a consciousness within all things that is always holding the immaculate concept or perfect vision of life and wishing to express itself perfectly. It matters not whether the form appears to be animate or inanimate, the same consciousness pervades all things. This consciousness is God or the Universal Dreamers.

The Universal Dreamers' vision is always in harmony with our intent and our nature. For instance, while I was walking to the bus stop, I noticed a spider web, which I thought was very pretty. It is the Universal Dreamers' vision to inspire the spider to spin perfect webs. In other words, the vision of the Universal Dreamers and the nature of the spider are one.

I wrote elsewhere that I've been meaning to share my love of Richmond Park with my mother. I didn’t expect her to take a walk with me as she’s not into walking, but I wanted to share Richmond Hill, which has a lovely view of that part of London. On the day we were meant to go she said she wasn’t feeling well. I said we could go another time when she was up to it. That day turned out perfect anyway because I ended up meeting a friend who has a fire about God and we ended up exchanging testimonies about how God works in our lives.

Yesterday, my mother and I finally went to Richmond.

As soon as I woke up I went through my morning ritual of thanking the Universal Dreamers for a perfect day. My mother was already up and getting ready. After she had her hip operation recently, her feet and ankles were swollen. She's only been able to wear one particular pair of slippers. She said for the first time she was able to wear her trainers, which are a lot more comfortable to walk in. The day was already turning out perfectly.

During our bus journeys, all our buses appeared when we needed them. Everywhere we went people were very helpful. Halfway through the journey mum wanted to use the toilets at the bus station. As she has never used her crutch on the escalator she was a bit wary. A woman behind us pointed us to the lifts. While she was in the toilet, I went to the supermarket to buy some drinks. I didn't even have to queue up as there was an empty checkout available. Mum said she didn't have to pay to use the toilets, the attendant let her in for free.

When we finally got off the bus, we had to walk the rest of the way to the park. The way I walk is I let the Universal Dreamers do the walking through me; that's why I'm never tired. As mum doesn’t share my belief we walked at a pace that was natural for her. After we walked for a while she wanted to rest. There was already a bench that had been perfectly placed for us to sit on. We had some lunch and fed the birds. After she’d rested we walked some more until we arrived at Pembroke House. Some of the flowers were in full bloom and they smelled divine. We sat on a bench in the sun and enjoyed the wonderful view of Richmond. Every time we got too comfortable, the sun went down and it felt chilly which encouraged us to move to another area; just as well because there were other parts of the garden I wanted mum to enjoy. The only part we didn't go to was King Henry's Mound, that is up a hill, which my mother wasn't ready to tackle. She said maybe next time.

While we enjoyed the views, mum and I had shared our school songs. We talked about how God meets everyone's needs perfectly. I said there was so much of life to enjoy and appreciate and this garden was one of the many gifts we have to share. Mum said it reminded her of Jesus' teachings in the Bible. She had memorised parts of it which she recited:

26: Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
27: Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
28: And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
29: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
30: Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
31: Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32: (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
34: Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Matthew 6
"Jesus was such a wise man," she beamed.
"Yes mum, but that wisdom is also in you," I said.
"It must be buried deeply within me then."
"No, that wisdom is in you right now. It is the same intelligence that moves you and me, and that is making all these flowers grow," I pointed to the flowers. "We simply need to open up and let the wisdom express as us."

We also recited some Psalms which we'd both memorised including Psalm 1.

"I remember you could recite Psalm 1 by the time you were five," mum said.
"Really? I don't remember that."
""For some reason you liked that particular Psalm. I don't know how you learned it though."
"Hmmm, that's very interesting because I can now relate to that Psalm."

The first two verses of Psalm 1 are as follows:

1: Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.
2: But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. Psalm 1
The "law of the LORD" as I see it is living with the awareness of omnipresent Love. I guess at five years old I already knew my purpose was to delight in and meditate on this law day and night.

As we were walking home, mum thanked me for taking her to the park. She said the day was just perfect. I thanked her for coming with me.

Thank you Universal Dreamers for making our dream come true.


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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Life is Like an Internet Forum

Life is like an Internet forum.

The forum doesn't have opinions or beliefs it is the members who make up the rules as regards etiquette and contents.

I can choose to become a member of a forum or visit as a guest.

There is enough space for everyone to share as they feel inspired.

I can choose to read posts or not.

I can choose to participate in discussion threads I find interesting or not.

While I'm expressing my views, I can choose to simply express my views, support existing views, attack existing views, or remain neutral.

I can make the forum a space to share happiness or misery; well they do say "misery likes company."

An Internet forum is a space I use to be myself as the mood takes me.


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Colonialism: the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people.

From a human perspective, there have always been some form of colonialism whether it's in the form of territory or ideas. A powerful nation extends its power or influence over other countries or people and before you know it, there is an empire. The empire lasts until another power takes over; or the countries, territories or people gain their independence.

What if colonialism is actually our true nature?

As Spirit beings, life is about exploring the vastness of Being. As you express who you are, you learn about who you are in each moment. Let's say you have got used to identifying yourself as a human in form. What if you now identify yourself as omnipresent Love? You're now seeing every single experience or moment as Love. This means you've colonised the universe with Love. In other words, you've transformed every single moment into the Love that you are.

When colonialism is experienced as Spirit, there is no need for wars or fighting to control another because there is more than enough room for each of us to explore and express the vastness of Being without imposing one's ideas on another. Then we can, if we so choose, share with one another the wonders of infinite being.

It's good to colonise the universe; it is good to express myself as the Love that I am.


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Falling in Love

I keep falling in love. What's the matter with me?

When I gaze into someone's eyes I can see the other's real self and I fall in love with that person.

Is it any wonder people usually avoid eye contact? Imagine every time you meet someone and gaze into their eyes and you find yourself in love. You start to wonder about your sexuality. How come I'm feeling such love for that woman? I could have sworn I was heterosexual.

How come I'm feeling love for that guy when I'm supposed to be in love with my spouse or boyfriend?

So to avoid upsetting your loved ones, avoid eye contact.

Unless you're single like me then you can fall in love every single day.

Falling in love again...what am I to do?


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Diplomatic Immunity

Last night I watched Foyle's War on television, which is a police drama set during the second world war. It starts off with two teenage boys breaking into a house. The owner confronts them with a gun. He tells them that he won't shoot them provided they do something in return which he'll pay them for. The boys agree. The man who is Spanish uses the boys to sabotage various companies in the area.

Eventually, Foyle and his colleagues catch up with the boys. They confess that they've been working for the Spanish gentleman. The police go to his house to question him. They accuse him of employing the boys to perform acts of sabotage even though Spain is meant to be neutral in the war. The man refuses to admit to any involvement. He points out to the police officers that he's a Spanish diplomat under Spanish jurisdiction. He says their law means nothing to him as he's protected by Spanish law. He doesn't need to answer any of their questions. The police have no choice but to leave him alone and he is not charged for any crime.

It got me thinking about immunity. I am a diplomat from Vector8, therefore, I'm under the jurisdiction of Vector8. Though I may be walking about on earth in this body, I'm on Vector8 soil and under Vector8 law. No other law has any power or influence.

With love from the Vector8 embassy.


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Being Vector8

A friend recently asked me why I used Vector8 as a username. I said because in essence I am a Vector8. It turns out my friend has a background in electronic engineering. He shared the following insights about vectors:

There are dozens of different methods and variations, but basically a vector is a combining of power and phase/frequency that contains a specific piece of information. A vector can "rotate" through 360 degrees and therefore at each step in the rotation, the power can be changed to represent a different piece of information. The end result is satellite TV or a mobile phone that works :-)

(Although there are in theory an infinite number of vectors, in reality they are usually limited to either 4,8,16,32) 8 is one of the most common numbers as it is the most stable and least affected by interference!
I can totally relate to my friend's description.

I see life as infinite possibility. Every decision I make is a choice to experience life.

So what if I find myself into a situation of lack, disease or whatever? I could get depressed about the situation; I could blame myself or my "ego" and spend aeons trying to understand the ego, outwit the ego or get rid of the ego; I could dream a situation where my needs are taken care of; or I could use the situation as an opportunity to experience another aspect of being.

I shared with the same friend how I never got far with my driving lessons because at the time when the instructor tested my vision, I couldn't read the registration number of the car he wanted me to read, even though I was wearing glasses at the time. I thought I could get round this by getting another instructor. After a few lessons my new instructor tested my eyesight and I couldn't do it. I went to my optician and he was puzzled why I couldn't read the number plates. He said my glasses were fine. I have since stopped wearing glasses. I have also discovered that when I don't have to, I can read the required distance perfectly. It would seem I can't see on demand.

My friend's response was:

"Ahh, but if you'd allowed your self to drive, you'd never have ridden all those buses.. There's a plan behind the chaos." ;-)
I totally agree. Driving a car is not the be all and end all to life; there are many ways to experience travelling. Riding on buses is certainly a lot of fun. I have received zillions of insights during my bus travels that I've written about and shared on my blogs.

Life is a never-ending process of exploration of Self. I make every moment count.

Thank you, J, for your excellent understanding of vectors. :-)

I am Vector8.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Love Guide

My mother and I were meant to go out this morning but she said she wasn't feeling up to it. She said she woke up in the middle of the night and felt dizzy. I gave her a hug. I reminded her that she has so much love around her and that Love is her guardian angels and they would never let her fall.

Mum asked me to collect her prescription from the pharmacist and to buy her a couple of birthday cards for her friends.

On the way to the local supermarket I noticed a young man on the bus. We got off at the same stop and we crossed the road together. At the supermarket's pharmacist I noticed the same man I'd seen on the bus with a prescription. I said hello and reminded him he had been on my bus. I marvelled at how we had both come to the pharmacist with the same task in mind.

The pharmacist told me it would take some time to prepare my mother's medicine so I went to the card section to buy the birthday cards. Mum said she wanted cards that had lovely messages. None of the cards were suitable. I had an idea to check out a shop in the local area. I was drawn to a card that read:

May you be blessed with good happiness
I pray that your time be filled with
God's special love
May you always have his hand
To guide you on your path.
Wow! The words were identical to what I'd said to my mother earlier about Love. Love had guided me to this card. I bought two of them.

At the library I met an old friend who is passionate about God. We spent a couple of hours sharing experiences of the power of Love.

Love is my guide in all ways.


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Friday, April 13, 2007

Love Gives You Wings

The greatest gift I can offer others is the freedom to be themselves.

I remember a young man who used to work in the local shop in our neighbourhood. He seemed to be constantly in a bad mood. I would say hello and he would either ignore me or scowl at me. I wondered whether it was just me. I asked my mother what her experience of him was and she confirmed that she received nothing but contempt from him. Just as well the actual shopkeeper, the man's uncle, was pleasant to his customers otherwise people wouldn't want to shop there. One day I asked the shopkeeper if he was aware of his nephew's attitude. He said his nephew is naturally surly and we have to take him as he is. I decided to send the man lots of love and let it go.

After a while the man stopped working at the shop; presumably, he was working in another shop. The next time I saw him he was really nice. What happened to the moody bastard we loved to hate? (grin) My mother also noticed the transformation. He even chatted to customers. Scary!

A while back I offered to take my mother to Richmond Park. Although she isn't into walking I thought she would enjoy sitting on top of the hill overlooking the park. Mum thought it was a good idea but she was in a lot of pain at the time. We agreed to postpone the trip until she was feeling a lot better.

In the meantime, I've following my mother's journey to get back in shape. Even though her way is not my way, I've supported her journey all the way. At first when her doctor suggested she had a hip replacement she was terrified of the idea. She hoped she would receive a miracle. She prayed, went to prayer meetings, and asked others to pray for her, but the pain only got worse. With no miracle in sight, she finally agreed to have the operation, which she had done just over a month ago.

It's now two years since I offered to take mum to Richmond. She says she's now ready to take the trip, which we're hoping to do at the weekend. Excellent!

Love gives you wings to fly in a way that's right for you.


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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cover Versions

What if humans are cover versions of God?

Some cover versions are identical to the original.
Some cover versions are closer to the original.
Some cover versions are post-modern versions of the original.
Some cover versions bare little resemblance to the original.
And there are those cover versions that are just plain silly.

Interesting thought.


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Not Again!

I had a rather annoying dream this afternoon.

In the dream I received an email with the subject title "Want to share with you." Even though I didn't recognise the person's name I figured it might be someone writing me for the first time. I opened it and discovered it was another Spam for Viagra. Aaargh! Do I look as if I need Viagra? Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

I've just realised something important. Before I wrote this piece, I didn't have an article title starting with the letter "N". Now I do. See, the Spam did have a function to play in my dream after all.



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Dreaming with Love

The art of lucid dreaming is to not only be aware that I am dreaming every moment but to take control of the dream. Here's one example:

Every morning I have a dream where I am brushing my teeth with toothpaste. According to the label on the toothpaste, it is meant to protect the user's teeth against cavity. The label is a programme. When I buy into this programme it means I believe that I need protection. The problem is if I believe my teeth need to be protected I'm bound to dream something to protect myself against.

As a lucid dreamer I take control by dreaming that the toothpaste is Love; Love dissolves all programmes.

While I'm dreaming I'm moisturising my face and my skin, I'm moisturising with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm putting on my makeup, I'm putting on my makeup with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm getting dressed, I'm getting dressed with Love with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm writing an article, I'm writing with Love.

I am dreaming with Love.
Love is the lucid dreamer.


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Another Story, Another Dream

Every time I have an intention to have an experience, I am dreaming. This means I am constantly dreaming.

Yesterday evening I felt like going for a walk along the canal, but I wanted to get home at a certain time. I had an idea to walk down this particular road, which I believe would lead me to the canal. A few months back, I walked down this road but I didn't explore it to the end because it was quite dark at the time. Now it was a lot lighter, it was a perfect opportunity to see where the road takes me.

I walked down the road all the way to the end and discovered it did join the canal I had in mind. My dream had come true - I had walked down the canal and arrived home at the time I wanted to arrive home.

Dream story over. Next dream.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moon Landing

Last night's Horizon documentary was called "Moon for Sale." Experts believe that the moon has tons of energy that man can exploit. Those who can afford it are already staking their claim on the moon. So it's only a matter of time before there will be shuttles to take people to live on the moon. I wonder whether the new inhabitants will consider themselves Mooners. Will they be practising the ancient art of mooning?

Experts have been telling us that we are depleting the earth's natural resources. As a result of this the earth is experiencing global warming. Animals are getting extinct. Even though we are frantically recycling, the energy can only go so far. It's only a matter of time before we run out of energy and have to look elsewhere like the moon.

Yes, the documentary makes so much sense; and I'm the Queen of England.

What do you mean I'm not the Queen of England? Are you telling me I'm dreaming I'm the Queen of England? Is that what you're saying? But my dream was so real!

The notion that the earth is being depleted of its resources is a belief, one of zillions of dreams. This depleted earth dream is part of another dream that many are dreaming that there is a higher power external to the self. In this dream, you're looking to a God outside of yourself. You're looking to a saviour or someone to save you, even though mystical and spiritual teachers keep reminding people that there is only one power which we all have access to.

Each of us is a powerhouse of infinite energy. However, you are not going to have access to this energy when you are dreaming it's outside of you. If you believe you need to go to the ends of the earth, another planet or solar system, then that's what you're going to dream up. While you're trying to raise the funds to build rockets to go where no one has gone before, your real wealth remains hidden.

Going to the moon is not my dream. I much prefer to dream about excavating the energy that is within me and in all things here and now.

For those who are dreaming about their lunar exploration, I wish you bon voyage and a happy landing!


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Thought of The Day

Life is what's happening while you're busy waking up.


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Squeaking Alive

The computer mouse I was using yesterday was squeaking. It would seem the mouse had come to life.

I guess it should be expected. In my dream, everything is conscious, even computer mouses (or is it mice)!


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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All Systems Go!

I used to love reading romantic fiction. I loved the longwinded way it would take for the lovers to get together. As they say, "the path of true love never runs smoothly." Now I can't be bothered. When I occasionally pick one up at the library, I tend to only read the first two chapters whn the characters are introduced, read the raunchy parts, then the final chapter. I have no patience for longwinded romance. I guess that's why I no longer read fiction, I simply haven't got the time.

Trials and tribulations, dilemmas and obstacles are the equivalent of what we write into our life stories so we can say we learned those lessons and were able to overcome the obstacles and write an autobiography about our life experiences. If you are celebrity, you can get yourself a biographer who will write a novel about you, and you can make heaps of money.

Imagine a life where there are no obstacles. It would be like driving down a road where all the traffic lights are on Green and there is no traffic.

Go, Go, Go!

Imagine a life where everything unfolds perfectly? Imagine a life where every single day, everything is going your way.

Can you hack it?

I certainly can.

All systems go!


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Universal Dreamers

In a previous article, I wrote about taking a walk at Richmond Park. Even though I had been walking for hours I was full of energy. Why?

All realities are dreams. All life is dreaming the perfect way to express itself. My body, for instance, has its own dreams of wholeness, beauty and perfection. Together we are all the Universal Dreamers. As the Universal Dreamers, we help one another fulfil marvellous dreams of being. Thus, when I have an intention, I am both the dreamer of my dreams and an aspect of the Universal Dreamers.

Taking a walk is a dream. In order to experience the dream walk, I dream that perfect walk in mind and then have the experience as a form or dream body.

While it would seem as if I was taking the dream walk on my own, the truth is I was taking the walk as the Universal Dreamers, which means the entire universe was supporting me on my journey. I could feel my body, the sun, the wind, the trees, the leaves, the ponds, the pebbles, people and animals all taking the walk with me. It had to be a perfect walk.

I could always choose to dream on my own. While I can still have access to infinite energy, when I'm not in harmony with other dreamers, chances are the day is not going to flow perfectly. It will feel as if others are trying to obstruct what I am being.

Yet another kind of dreaming is that of a human. The human dream states that you only have a limited amount of energy that has to be replenished through eating, drinking and sleeping. When you run out of energy, it's dust to dust and ashes to ashes. During my walk I noticed many people huffing and puffing and drinking plenty of fluids. I didn't need to drink anything because in my dream I am being supported by the entire universe which can never be depleted of energy.

I believe God is the sum total of all dreamers. When I call on God, I'm calling on the Universal Dreamers.


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Oh No, Our Dream Has Come True!

A while back, my mother and I discussed the Irish singer, Val Doonican. I remember he used to wear lovely jumpers and sit in a rocking chair, while he performed his songs. He had a lovely soothing voice. We both wondered if he was still performing.

Two nights ago, BBC4 dedicated a whole evening to Val Doonican. My mother and I were both curious to see what he's been up to. They showed a classic Christmas edition. The programme was so exciting I couldn't take any more. I told mum I was going to have a shower instead.

Oh how fickle we are! We dream about something and when it happens, we can't take it. It was way too much Val for my liking. Hehehe.

Thank you BBC4 for making our dream come true.
We love you, Val.


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Full Circle

On my bus, I met a retired friend, who lives in the neighbourhood. He's a lot of fun to chat to. He told me he was on his way to Camden Town that is famous for its market. He said he likes to go early so he can avoid the crowd. He said he often wonders how all these shops can be open on a Sunday. Don't people go to church?

"What about you, don't you go to church?" I said.
"I'm a man of mystery," he said.
"What do you mean?"
"I believe in God but I don't need to follow a religion. That's the mystery."
"I feel the same way," I said. "I don't need a middle-man, nor do I need a religion. I'm perfectly happy in my personal approach to God."

He asked me where I was going. Although I hadn't quite made up my mind, I said I was off to Richmond Park to take a long walk. To get to Richmond by bus takes about three hours. I figured I would arrive around 1 pm and walk for two hours. After saying goodbye to my friend, I got off to catch another bus. At the bus stop I said hello to a man I've never met before. He asked me where I was going and I said Richmond. Hmmm. I guess I'm going to spend the afternoon at Richmond.

When I arrived at Richmond town centre, instead of waiting for a bus to take me to the park, I decided to walk the 15 minute or so journey to the gates. On the way I noticed a hotel called "Richmond Hill Hotel" and I heard people singing inside. I wondered what was going on.

It was a sunny day, hot enough for me to take my jacket off. One thing I like about walking is it gives me the opportunity to download information from the Cosmic database, meaning I receive ideas about whatever I'm preoccupied with at the time. I even have Q&A sessions on my walk, which is a lot of fun. The topic of the day was about how the whole universe is dreaming dreams. See Universal Dreamers.

As I've explored inside the park, I decided to walk round it for a change, at least as far as I felt like walking. At each gate I had to decide whether I wanted to exit or continue walking. I was having way too much fun to stop. After a while I decided to sit for a moment and enjoy the view. I noticed a woman and a man taking a dog for a walk. The dog stopped and looked as if he was having a pee but it turned out he was doing a number two (poo). The funny thing was the poo was stuck and it wouldn't come out. I heard the woman muttering something to the dog. She put on a plastic glove, pulled the poo out of the dog, and put it in a bag. As she walked past me, I asked her what was wrong with the dog. She said the dog eats plastic gloves. Now it made sense! The dog had been trying to pass out the glove, but part of it had been stuck up the dog's bottom, which the woman had to remove. No wonder she looked pissed off. As I was chuckling to myself the dog barked at me. It was as if he was saying "I don't know what you find so funny. You eat tissue paper, don't you?" I guess the dog is a kindred spirit! Priceless!

I resumed my walk. I had been walking for so long there wasn't much point retracing my steps. Why not walk full circle? When I finally arrived at the point where I had started I asked a woman what the time was. She said it was 4.30 pm. I had been walking non-stop for three and a half hours. I wondered how many miles I had walked. At the gates I noticed a man looking at the map of the park. He was showing his wife/partner what sections of the park they'd walked and working out how many miles they'd walked. I told them I had walked round the entire park.

"You must have been thinking 'What a couple of idiots! There he is going on about that tiny area when I've walked round the entire park.'" he said. "We only walked round a small area and I'm knackered."

"I wasn't really thinking that," I chuckled, "I was just curious to know how many miles I'd walked."

"You must have done over 10 miles."

"Well done, anyway to both of you!" I said.

"Well done for walking round the entire park!"

(According to the Richmond Park website, the park is 2500 acres which is 3.91 square miles).

If I was really going to show off I would have told my friends that I have had no food or drink during my walk and I feel as fresh as when I started. If the truth be told, the reason why I wasn't tired was because I cheated. Yes, I do cheat. The way I cheat is instead of walking as the limited human self that gets tired over a few miles, I walk as the Infinite Self that is Energy. It's impossible to feel depleted when you are limitless Energy.

As I was walking back to Richmond town centre to catch my bus, two women and a man approached me. They asked me if I was a Christian. I said I believed in God but I didn't follow any religion. One woman gave me a flyer. They wanted to invite me to a church service in the local area. One woman asked me if I'd received the Holy Spirit. She said Jesus was coming again soon. If I wasn't born-again I would be left behind. The only way to have salvation is through Jesus Christ. They insisted I needed to receive the Holy Spirit to enable me to speak in tongues. They said the Holy Spirit would also teach me. I told them I had already experienced the Holy Spirit and I live out my beliefs. They recommended that I read their website. I thanked them for their information and wished them well.

On my way home on the bus I thought about my encounter with my Christian friends. I made three discoveries. First, I noticed from the flyer that their meetings were held at the "Richmond Hill Hotel." It was the same hotel I'd wondered about earlier. My question had been answered. Second, the flyer read: "Ordinary People, Extraordinary Experience." I wrote an article recently called: The Ordinary is Extraordinary. Finally, our conversation was a mirror image of the one I had earlier with my friend on the bus, when I said I didn't need to follow a religion to practise what I believe in. If my Christian friends hadn't been so hell-bent on trying to convert me to their way, I would have shared how they had been part of my dreams. Maybe it's just as well; for all I know they could have interpreted my dreams as a sign that I'm meant to be a born-again Christian. I am having way too much fun being who I am being. If that means missing out on the Second Coming of Christ, then so be it.

So my dream day had come full circle. I started my walk at Richmond Gate and ended at Richmond Gate. I started off discussing my belief in God and ended up discussing my belief in God. I guess that must make me a rounded individual. :-)


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