Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All Systems Go!

I used to love reading romantic fiction. I loved the longwinded way it would take for the lovers to get together. As they say, "the path of true love never runs smoothly." Now I can't be bothered. When I occasionally pick one up at the library, I tend to only read the first two chapters whn the characters are introduced, read the raunchy parts, then the final chapter. I have no patience for longwinded romance. I guess that's why I no longer read fiction, I simply haven't got the time.

Trials and tribulations, dilemmas and obstacles are the equivalent of what we write into our life stories so we can say we learned those lessons and were able to overcome the obstacles and write an autobiography about our life experiences. If you are celebrity, you can get yourself a biographer who will write a novel about you, and you can make heaps of money.

Imagine a life where there are no obstacles. It would be like driving down a road where all the traffic lights are on Green and there is no traffic.

Go, Go, Go!

Imagine a life where everything unfolds perfectly? Imagine a life where every single day, everything is going your way.

Can you hack it?

I certainly can.

All systems go!


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