Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Art of Dreaming

Every time I have a thought or intention to have an experience, I am invoking the omnipresent Universal Energy that gives rise to all dreams. Universal Energy is infinite, creative, intelligent and perfect. Universal Energy is not separate from who I am being; It is me, you, and everyone. Thus, whatever dream I am seeking to experience is an aspect of myself.

As I see it, there are three rules of dreaming.

The first rule of dreaming is your intention has to be clear. Imagine hailing a taxi and asking the driver to take you anywhere. You're going nowhere until you've made a decision. If I were your taxi driver I would keep the meter running, relax and have a cup of tea, and let you decide where you want to go. Hopefully in an hour you would have either come to a decision or pay me the fare you've run up on my meter. Now, that's compassion!

In Being the Answer I wrote about a friend from Taiwan who is currently studying English. He sent me an essay he'd written which he wanted me to check for grammar. Since then, he's sent me two more essays for me to check. In the first essay he analysed a graph about people's leisure activities. I sent him an email asking him to clarify a few points. He explained but I was still unclear. I asked him to clarify once more and his response was even more perplexing. Is it possible my friend was dreaming in gobbledygook? I finally told him that I couldn't correct what I didn't understand.

His next dream essay was a lot more lucid, which is just as well because it's for his actual exams in a few weeks. In this essay he discussed whether universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students for all subjects. Now, if I was reading his essay with my critical analysis glasses on, I would have dismissed his essay as full of gender-biased assumptions. Alas, it wasn't my job to criticise my friend's opinions, but to correct his grammar. I returned his essay and wished him the very best in his exams.

My friend's first essay illustrates what happens when one's intention is unclear; you either end up dreaming the same or nothing at all. His second essay demonstrates clear intention, which will result in a clear and speedy dream equivalent.

The second rule of dreaming is that the Universal Energy doesn't judge our intentions. My friend's second essay illustrates this. Even though I didn't agree with his beliefs, I corrected his essay anyway.

The third rule of dreaming is you need to stay open and trust that the dream process is unfolding perfectly in a way that is right for the dreamer.

The first time I met my friend from Taiwan, he told me it was his dream to work in the UK. To work in the UK you need to have a certain standard of English. He currently has a study visa, which is enabling him to study English. As part of his course, he's managed to dream me up to help him with his grammar. While he's been studying, he's been exploring London and the British culture. After he's finished his course, his dream of working in the UK will unfold according to his intent.

As the Universal Energy, each of us is dreaming in our own unique ways. It is not up to me to judge another's dream decisions. In other words, it is not up to me to question why my friend from Taiwan dreams about working in the UK. I can only assist him as best as I can to make his dream come true; just as he is helping me make my dream articles come true.

I am Universal Energy dreaming in a way that is uniquely me.


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