Monday, April 02, 2007

Being Here Now

I love reading about people's near death experiences (NDEs). NDE is when someone is pronounced clinically dead while still feeling very much alive, which clearly demonstrates that life is eternal; and the experiencer returns to his/her physical body and comes back to life in his/her body.

As I see it, NDEs are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, NDEs are evidence that life is eternal. On the other hand, NDEs seem to be saying that death is not to be feared but to be embraced as an inevitable aspect of one's evolution.

Let's say you've been living in a house that you've loved then you decide to move to another house. It could be you're moving out because the house is in such a state of disrepair you can no longer live in it; or you're moving out because you feel it's time to experience another, more luxurious, house, mansion or palace. The moment you switch off the lights in the old house, that's the end of your relationship with that house. Before you leave you might want to take a final glance at your old house and be grateful for the time you spent in that house. You don't feel sad about moving on because you know your new house is even better.

The house represents the human body in which God Presence/Soul/Spirit or whatever you believe in, expresses through. Once God/Soul/Spirit/whatever decides to have a new experience, or that the body is no longer suitable, He abandons it and moves on to pastures new.

The body as a house/temple is an interesting paradigm and explains why people readily accept death as a viable option. Why grieve over a body when your real essence is still alive?

That's all very well, but a paradigm is only a model of reality that people have been using because it's useful. Just because majority of people choose that model doesn't mean it is the truth of reality; it is simply a habit. As I see it, death is a habit that I can either break out of or I can continue to experience it over and over again until I am sick to death of it.

How do I break out of the death habit? By embracing another model. In this model I am living as that self - that people describe in their NDEs - right here on earth in the same body. This means that I get to live in the same body for a very long time. When I decide to have a different experience, I get to take my body with me.

I'm now going to look at some of the NDEs I've read about and how they relate to my personal life experiences.

NDEs: People have described seeing themselves out of their bodies and looking down on their physical bodies.

Me: Well, the first time I had that kind of experience was when I was 10 and was hit by a car. I knew myself as Consciousness and saw the accident as a dream. Since then I've had lots of out of body experiences (OOBEs). I've had fun whizzing at tremendous speed round my bedroom. I've made many journeys out of my body. I've had major panic attacks though about not being able to return to the body until I worked out how to "get back in" effortlessly.

A lot of the time, I feel as light as a feather. Sometimes I'm so light I weigh myself to make sure I'm still here; I'm still alive.

NDEs: Most people have described a tunnel they go through and are drawn into a Light and become part of that Light.

Me: Well, I've experienced this Light during meditation and while I've been awake. I'm not dead, I'm very much alive.

NDEs: Some people have described seeing friends on the "other side", while others have met other entities.

Me: Well, I've spoken to people on the "other side" and I speak to other light entities and I'm alive.

NDEs: Some people have described meeting deities and spiritual or religious icons on the "other side."

Me: I beg to differ. As I'm not particularly attached to any deity or religious/spiritual icons, I simply encountered the Light and I merged in with the Light. In fact, the Light is myself as pure awareness. This is what the Light looks like to me.

I have also explored many more realms of colour, sounds, and a place of no forms/the void; and I'm alive and kicking.

NDEs: People have described the ability to have all their questions answered. Experiencers have the sense of asking questions and receiving their answers telepathically. Some experience speaking to an entity that is able to answer all their questions, while others have a sense of being at one with all wisdom.

Me: Well, I have access to all wisdom because I know I am wisdom. I only need to ask the question and I know I am one with the answer. Surely you must be dead? You're dead wrong, I'm alive!

NDE: People describe communicating on "the other side" by telepathy.

Me: Well, I can tune into other people's thoughts. I have to say it's not the be all and end all. If I wasn't discerning, I would be tossed from pillar to post believing I was being spiritually guided when I'm only picking up on thoughts around me. I prefer to remain in silence, this way I can filter out thoughts. In case you're wondering, I'm very much alive.

NDEs: People have described experiencing ESP (extra sensory perception) after their NDEs such as clairvoyance (visual), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognisance (knowing).

Me: I have all those senses and I'm ALIVE.

And on and on.

For all those who are enjoying the death paradigm, all I can say is if dying makes you happy, then go for it. As for me, I'm having fun exploring the many ways of being in the here and now.

I am Life.


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