Monday, April 16, 2007

Being Vector8

A friend recently asked me why I used Vector8 as a username. I said because in essence I am a Vector8. It turns out my friend has a background in electronic engineering. He shared the following insights about vectors:

There are dozens of different methods and variations, but basically a vector is a combining of power and phase/frequency that contains a specific piece of information. A vector can "rotate" through 360 degrees and therefore at each step in the rotation, the power can be changed to represent a different piece of information. The end result is satellite TV or a mobile phone that works :-)

(Although there are in theory an infinite number of vectors, in reality they are usually limited to either 4,8,16,32) 8 is one of the most common numbers as it is the most stable and least affected by interference!
I can totally relate to my friend's description.

I see life as infinite possibility. Every decision I make is a choice to experience life.

So what if I find myself into a situation of lack, disease or whatever? I could get depressed about the situation; I could blame myself or my "ego" and spend aeons trying to understand the ego, outwit the ego or get rid of the ego; I could dream a situation where my needs are taken care of; or I could use the situation as an opportunity to experience another aspect of being.

I shared with the same friend how I never got far with my driving lessons because at the time when the instructor tested my vision, I couldn't read the registration number of the car he wanted me to read, even though I was wearing glasses at the time. I thought I could get round this by getting another instructor. After a few lessons my new instructor tested my eyesight and I couldn't do it. I went to my optician and he was puzzled why I couldn't read the number plates. He said my glasses were fine. I have since stopped wearing glasses. I have also discovered that when I don't have to, I can read the required distance perfectly. It would seem I can't see on demand.

My friend's response was:

"Ahh, but if you'd allowed your self to drive, you'd never have ridden all those buses.. There's a plan behind the chaos." ;-)
I totally agree. Driving a car is not the be all and end all to life; there are many ways to experience travelling. Riding on buses is certainly a lot of fun. I have received zillions of insights during my bus travels that I've written about and shared on my blogs.

Life is a never-ending process of exploration of Self. I make every moment count.

Thank you, J, for your excellent understanding of vectors. :-)

I am Vector8.


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