Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Colonialism: the control or governing influence of a nation over a dependent country, territory, or people. Dictionary.com

From a human perspective, there have always been some form of colonialism whether it's in the form of territory or ideas. A powerful nation extends its power or influence over other countries or people and before you know it, there is an empire. The empire lasts until another power takes over; or the countries, territories or people gain their independence.

What if colonialism is actually our true nature?

As Spirit beings, life is about exploring the vastness of Being. As you express who you are, you learn about who you are in each moment. Let's say you have got used to identifying yourself as a human in form. What if you now identify yourself as omnipresent Love? You're now seeing every single experience or moment as Love. This means you've colonised the universe with Love. In other words, you've transformed every single moment into the Love that you are.

When colonialism is experienced as Spirit, there is no need for wars or fighting to control another because there is more than enough room for each of us to explore and express the vastness of Being without imposing one's ideas on another. Then we can, if we so choose, share with one another the wonders of infinite being.

It's good to colonise the universe; it is good to express myself as the Love that I am.


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