Monday, April 16, 2007

Diplomatic Immunity

Last night I watched Foyle's War on television, which is a police drama set during the second world war. It starts off with two teenage boys breaking into a house. The owner confronts them with a gun. He tells them that he won't shoot them provided they do something in return which he'll pay them for. The boys agree. The man who is Spanish uses the boys to sabotage various companies in the area.

Eventually, Foyle and his colleagues catch up with the boys. They confess that they've been working for the Spanish gentleman. The police go to his house to question him. They accuse him of employing the boys to perform acts of sabotage even though Spain is meant to be neutral in the war. The man refuses to admit to any involvement. He points out to the police officers that he's a Spanish diplomat under Spanish jurisdiction. He says their law means nothing to him as he's protected by Spanish law. He doesn't need to answer any of their questions. The police have no choice but to leave him alone and he is not charged for any crime.

It got me thinking about immunity. I am a diplomat from Vector8, therefore, I'm under the jurisdiction of Vector8. Though I may be walking about on earth in this body, I'm on Vector8 soil and under Vector8 law. No other law has any power or influence.

With love from the Vector8 embassy.


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