Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Dream is a Dream is a Dream

My sleeping dreams are exactly like my waking dreams i.e. people are constantly popping up to act out a particular thought or idea I have in mind.

Yesterday evening I went to my favourite bookshop to have a good browse, which I haven't done in quite a while. I heard an announcement about an open mic poetry event. I thought it would be fun to listen in. I was asked if I wanted to perform but I declined not because I was shy but because I've never memorised any of the poems I've written. I might print some off and perform at the next event.

I treat poetry events the same way I treat going to an art gallery; I'm not interested in the artist's reputation, I am just happy to enjoy their gifts. Each poet had touched on a theme or topic I was either preoccupied with or had recently thought of. I was aware that I was dreaming this event.

One poet performed a skit about complaining. I made a mental note to speak to her about the Complaint-Free bracelet idea. (See A Complaint Free World). At the end of the performance I spoke to another poet about his work on oneness and blogging. I told him I was a blogger and I write about oneness. In the meantime, the other poet who had written about complaints was speaking to someone else. When we finally had the opportunity to speak, I thanked her for her poems and told her about the bracelet. She asked me if I wanted to go to a writer's group that's doing a theme about complaining. I said I would love to.

My friend asked me what kind of stuff I wrote about. I said I write about being true to yourself. She said she understood where I was coming from; she was very interested in living the life she was born to live. She said she's been off work sick and been rethinking her whole life and who she thought she was.

At the pub where the writers' group was supposed to be held, we were told it wasn't on. My friend had got the day wrong. She asked me if I wanted to either attend another poetry evening or a debating society. I thought the debating society sounded like fun but it was down south and we needed to get there by train, so I declined. My friend said she believed we were meant to meet up. She asked me for my website address. We hugged and kissed goodbye.

My last bus home was taking ages to arrive.

"There is no waiting," the Voice within said. "All is Love. What seems like waiting is simply an opportunity to be Love. Why don't you stay alert and see what happens?

"Yeah, yeah, I know all this," I said, "but where is my bloody bus?" :-)

My bus finally arrived. My attention was drawn to a passenger whose face looked familiar though I don't remember seeing him before. I smiled at him and he sat beside me. I noticed he had two newspapers. One headline looked intriguing so I asked him if I could have a look. He said I could have them. The first headline read: "The New Earth - Does the discovery of a planet just like ours mean there IS life out there?" The second leading headline was called "Diana Inquest: A New Fiasco." (See Found 20 light years away: the New Earth and Princes' Anguish Over New Diana Inquest Fiasco).

I could see why I'd attracted this passenger; I wrote an article the day before called Living on My Own Planet, where I discussed my dream about Prince William splitting up with his girlfriend Kate. As I hadn't kept up to date with the news, I wasn't aware that the split had already taken place. My mother confirmed they split up a while back and I was obviously on my own planet not to have heard about it. I wonder if the "new earth" astronomers have apparently discovered is my planet? It could be. ;-)

Anyway, I shared my dream about Prince William with my friend on the bus. He said I should stay alert for lottery numbers. He shared his own theory about Diana's accident. I told him he had an interesting theory. I thanked my friend for his newspapers and said goodbye.

It's funny how things turn out. If my bus had arrived "on time" I would have missed the opportunity to see the news headlines in the Daily Mail and my friend's Diana theory. I would probably have dreamed it up at a later stage anyway.

I really enjoyed that dream.

Happy dreaming!


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