Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dreaming with Love

The art of lucid dreaming is to not only be aware that I am dreaming every moment but to take control of the dream. Here's one example:

Every morning I have a dream where I am brushing my teeth with toothpaste. According to the label on the toothpaste, it is meant to protect the user's teeth against cavity. The label is a programme. When I buy into this programme it means I believe that I need protection. The problem is if I believe my teeth need to be protected I'm bound to dream something to protect myself against.

As a lucid dreamer I take control by dreaming that the toothpaste is Love; Love dissolves all programmes.

While I'm dreaming I'm moisturising my face and my skin, I'm moisturising with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm putting on my makeup, I'm putting on my makeup with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm getting dressed, I'm getting dressed with Love with Love.
While I'm dreaming I'm writing an article, I'm writing with Love.

I am dreaming with Love.
Love is the lucid dreamer.


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