Thursday, April 05, 2007

Feeling Turned Off

I was saying to my mother the other day about how I don't get all excited when I watch food adverts. As soon as my mother sees the food she's already dreaming about trying it out. I told her I feel nothing.

Yesterday I watched a whole hour of cookery programmes. There seems to be so many of them these days, all these chefs/cooks showing off their skills. Not once did I wish I could try out their cuisines.

I see cooking as an experiment; I'm curious to see how the final product turns out but I have no desire to try it out. Not even the chocolate recipes get my taste buds going. I guess I eat only when I feel like eating.

I permanently have a sweet taste in my mouth anyway so maybe that's why I don't get excited.

When chefs start cooking REAL food like tissue paper I might get turned on.


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