Saturday, April 28, 2007

Guardian Angels

When I got on the bus this morning the driver was chatting to another passenger about when a passenger dropped his wallet containing wads of cash and he kept it for him. When the driver handed him his wallet back he didn't offer him any money as a thank you. The passenger shared the following story.

He said one evening while he was at an off-licence (a shop that is licensed to sell alcohol) a man came in and we was very drunk. He bought something and left his jacket at the shop. The owner of the shop was going to put the jacket away but he (the bus passenger) advised him to check the pockets, just in case. There was £3,500 in the pocket. A few days later the passenger went back to the off-licence and saw the jacket was still hanging there. Then a few young men came into the shop. When they saw the jacket, they accused the off-licence owner of mugging their friend and were going to beat him up but the passenger explained that their friend had been drunk when he arrived and had left the jacket. The owner of the jacket checked his pocket and found the money he'd left inside the jacket. He bought several cans of beer and he left without saying thank you.

"Wow, that man was lucky to have had you at that shop," I said to the passenger. "Things could have turned nasty for him."

"He's an honest man that's why things worked out for him."

Just shows there are guardian angels around us.


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