Monday, April 23, 2007

It is Impossible to Mark Love as Spam

I received several emails today in my Inbox which looked like Spams. Although two of the emails stood out, I marked them as Spams and deleted them.

After I'd done the deed a friend I sometimes see in the library came over to me and asked if I'd received an email she'd forwarded to me about angels. I said I received several emails but I didn't recognise her name. She sent the email again but it didn't appear in my Inbox. I showed her the Trash folder of emails I'd deleted. Two of them were from her. She said her name has been registered incorrectly that's why I hadn't recognised her emails. It was a wonderful and inspiring email.

I returned to the Trash folder and read the other email that had stood out. It was from someone inviting me to contribute an article to his journal. I unSpammed it and returned it to my Inbox.

I read the rest of the emails I'd marked as Spam; I was right about them - Spams forever!

Love will always make Its intentions known whether It is marked as Spam or not.


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