Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lucid Dreamer - Part 2

Some rules about being a lucid dreamer, as I am dreaming them.

A lucid dreamer knows all realities are dreams.

A lucid dreamer knows that there are infinite dreamers enjoying perfect dreams. Together they are the Universal Dreamers. Universal dreamers inspire dreamers to dream in accordance with their true nature.

A lucid dreamer realises his identity as Light expressing the following attributes:

Abundance, Acceptance, Beauty, Being, Boundlessness, Brilliance, Causelessness, Changeless, Creativity, Energy, Eternality, Formlessness, Freedom, Friendship, Fulfilment, Gentleness, Goodness, Grace, Harmony, Imagination, Infinity, Inspiration, Intelligence, Joy, Life, Light, Limitlessness, Love, Magic, Majesty, Oneness, Order, Originality, Peace, Perfection, Power, Presence, Purity, Radiance, Reality, Simplicity, Soul, Source, Spirit, Steadfastness, Stillness, Supply, Support, Timelessness, Trust, Truth, Unconditioned, Unchanging, Unity, Uniqueness, Wealth, Wholeness, Wisdom, Wonder and so much more.

A lucid dreamer is always being true to himself and is not influenced by other dreamers unless he chooses to be influenced.

A lucid dreamer is in total control of his dreams. If he doesn't like the dream he can change it.

A lucid dreamer believes in his dreams.

A lucid dreamer only shares his dreams with others who are willing to experience the dream with him.

A lucid dreamer gives everyone the freedom to dream whatever they choose to dream whether he's in agreement with their dreams or not.

A lucid dreamer believes all dreams are possible.

I am a lucid dreamer.


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