Monday, April 02, 2007

Me, Mine, My, Myself and I are One

When I move into a house, whether I am renting or it's mine, the house is mine. I can decorate in my own way to suit my style. When I decide to leave for whatever reason, then the house is no longer mine. It belongs to someone else.

What if I saw the house as me? This means everything about it is me; we are not separate. It, therefore, doesn't matter how long I live in that house, it will always be me.

Let's take where I'm living at the moment. While the flat is not strictly mine, it's my mother's, I see it as me. The neighbourhood is me. My mother, the flat, the neighbourhood, have helped me to know who I am as love, peace, joy, etc. When I move away and live somewhere else, I will always have the experiences of being me in that flat. In other words, wherever I move to, I'm taking that flat with me.

I see every day as me. Every day is an opportunity to learn more about myself. I then encounter people or have experiences that give me further insights about myself, which I record in my blogs. There have been friends I've met for only a few hours who have had such a huge impact, I've written about the insights I received from our encounter. Though I may never see those friends again in this form, the insights I received from them are mine for always.

My body is not something I, as Consciousness, is using and going to abandon at some stage when it's no longer useful. This body is me as the infinite self in bodily appearance. When I raise my arms, I am raising myself. This body is going to be with me forever, or as long as I exist, which is forever.

My thoughts and emotions are me. Instead of treating some thoughts as ego based (whatever that is) I see it all as me. So what if I may seem to have conflicting views. My views are no different from how humanity has unfolded. At one time, most people believed the earth was flat and that the planets revolved round the earth. They soon realised that the earth is only a minute part of the universe. As I unfold and discover more about myself, my thoughts are going to change leading to new experiences. My thoughts are still me, regardless.

I have a friend I don't see very often, though we occasionally exchange emails. Once when we were meeting face to face he said I was exactly like the stories I write. To a certain extent, my friend is right; what I'm sharing in my blogs are me and gives the reader an idea of who I am. However, these stories are only an infinitesimal part of who I am. If I were to share all aspects of myself then most of the pages would be blank because I spend majority of my time in silence. There are things about myself I can't even write about because there are no words. I simply accept myself as the mystery.

Me, mine, my, myself and I are all one.


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