Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Love Guide

My mother and I were meant to go out this morning but she said she wasn't feeling up to it. She said she woke up in the middle of the night and felt dizzy. I gave her a hug. I reminded her that she has so much love around her and that Love is her guardian angels and they would never let her fall.

Mum asked me to collect her prescription from the pharmacist and to buy her a couple of birthday cards for her friends.

On the way to the local supermarket I noticed a young man on the bus. We got off at the same stop and we crossed the road together. At the supermarket's pharmacist I noticed the same man I'd seen on the bus with a prescription. I said hello and reminded him he had been on my bus. I marvelled at how we had both come to the pharmacist with the same task in mind.

The pharmacist told me it would take some time to prepare my mother's medicine so I went to the card section to buy the birthday cards. Mum said she wanted cards that had lovely messages. None of the cards were suitable. I had an idea to check out a shop in the local area. I was drawn to a card that read:

May you be blessed with good happiness
I pray that your time be filled with
God's special love
May you always have his hand
To guide you on your path.
Wow! The words were identical to what I'd said to my mother earlier about Love. Love had guided me to this card. I bought two of them.

At the library I met an old friend who is passionate about God. We spent a couple of hours sharing experiences of the power of Love.

Love is my guide in all ways.


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