Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Oh No, Our Dream Has Come True!

A while back, my mother and I discussed the Irish singer, Val Doonican. I remember he used to wear lovely jumpers and sit in a rocking chair, while he performed his songs. He had a lovely soothing voice. We both wondered if he was still performing.

Two nights ago, BBC4 dedicated a whole evening to Val Doonican. My mother and I were both curious to see what he's been up to. They showed a classic Christmas edition. The programme was so exciting I couldn't take any more. I told mum I was going to have a shower instead.

Oh how fickle we are! We dream about something and when it happens, we can't take it. It was way too much Val for my liking. Hehehe.

Thank you BBC4 for making our dream come true.
We love you, Val.


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