Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Power of Repeated Thoughts

Yesterday, a friend from Portugal sent me a lovely picture. I wrote back asking him to confirm whether it was related to Easter as it was in Portuguese. He apologised and said he forgot I was British. I told him that although I had forgiven him, I still recommended that he said 50 Hail Marys before bed time.

I shared my email exchange with my mother and she had a good laugh. It turned out we'd both memorised the Hail Mary, which we said out loud.

Mum asked me why people find it necessary to repeat prayers. I said each prayer or mantra exists as a thought form. Repetition magnifies the power of the thought form, which comes to life within you. Let's say, for instance, I'm repeating the word Love, I feel Love being energised within and without. I said focusing on a thought, mantra, affirmation or prayer is the equivalent of practising Japa meditation. The irony is most people practise Japa meditation in reverse, where they're constantly thinking fearful thoughts. Why think worry thoughts when you can repeat affirmations, mantras or prayers you truly believe in?

Mum seemed genuinely interested in this idea. She asked if she could use any prayer. I said she could use any prayer, name or idea that she's inspired by. She could even use the name of Jesus.

This morning mum told me she'd been repeating the following passage from the Bible:

"By his stripes [Jesus'] I am healed." (1 Peter 2: 24)
She said for the first time since her hip replacement operation, she's been able to lie on the side that was operated on and felt no pain. I encouraged her to keep on meditating.

Love, Love, Love.


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