Thursday, April 26, 2007


On buses there are certain seats allocated to different passengers. There are seats for the elderly and those carrying young kids and there is a space for pushchairs. However, the same space allocated for pushchairs is the same one allocated for a passenger in a wheelchair.

On a bus recently, a man got on with his dog but the driver said he wasn't allowed to travel with his dog. I was quite surprised about this because I've seen dogs upstairs. It's only guide dogs that are allowed to sit in the lower deck. Maybe the driver didn't like dogs. The passenger made a lot of fuss about this but the driver wouldn't budge. The dog didn't seem bothered at all; it knew it was getting home one way or another.

At the bus station this morning, I noticed a passenger in a wheel chair. When our bus arrived, he beckoned to the driver to let the ramp out so he could get on. As there was already a pushchair in the space, the driver asked the woman to fold the chair. She said it wasn't a collapsible pushchair. The driver told her that if she couldn't collapse it she should wait for another bus as the disabled passenger had priority. The woman wasn't very happy about this arrangement but she got off the bus.

When I got off my bus I noticed another bus right behind which meant the lady and her child in the pushchair didn't have to wait for the next bus.

There are no priorities in LOVE. All needs are equally met.


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