Monday, April 23, 2007

Staying Joined in Love

"The meaning of life is location, location, location; Love, Love, Love." Location, Location, Location
In truth we're always joined in Love.

In that case how come I'm not experiencing joy and happiness all the time?

It depends whether you're doing what you love. Everyone has something they love doing. The moment you're doing what you love, feeling love or sharing love you're automatically joined.

Staying joined in Love is the equivalent of doing a search for, say, "vector" on Google. Millions of hits come up. In other words, I'm connected to the "brotherhood" of vectors on the Internet. In the same respect when I'm being love whether sharing my joy, doing what I love, receiving love, intending joy, or being in silence, I'm automatically joined with the Brotherhood of Love. Then Love works its magic in and around me of restoring, healing, and unfolding creation.

A week ago I thought of a friend I haven't seen for a few weeks. He showed up at the library. We were both excited to catch up. My friend is very passionate about sharing the Love of God from a Christian perspective. He shared many examples of the power of God at work in his life. As we were chatting I was aware that my time was running out and needed to have the time extended, but it was automatically extended without my needing to ask for it. I pointed this out to my friend. We ended up chatting for about two hours.

Yesterday while I was working in another library and I was reading and sharing information I love at a forum, my time was extended twice without my having to ask for it.

Love is infinite possibility.

Love can expand time.
Love can multiply things that appear to be limited.
Love heals and restores.

In Love,

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