Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Years ago a friend invited me to a theme party based on the 70s. I bought a shirt from a charity shop and got a blue Afro wig and I looked fabulous. Everyone made the effort and the party was a lot of fun. I've also attended a few 70s night clubs. There was one night club that wouldn't let people in if they didn't conform to the theme. Fair enough!

In a recent article I wrote, I had this feeling that there was something not quite right about the article. On closer inspection, I realised there were two different themes being expressed, which made it confusing. I edited the article and made it into two different articles and they were both perfect.

I believe each of us has got life themes we focus on, which enables us to follow different lifestyles. Some life themes complement one another, while others don't. Instead of trying to change my life theme to match others, or force others to change their themes to match mine, I trust that my life theme will attract like life themes.

Whatever your life theme, enjoy.


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