Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Universal Dreamers

In a previous article, I wrote about taking a walk at Richmond Park. Even though I had been walking for hours I was full of energy. Why?

All realities are dreams. All life is dreaming the perfect way to express itself. My body, for instance, has its own dreams of wholeness, beauty and perfection. Together we are all the Universal Dreamers. As the Universal Dreamers, we help one another fulfil marvellous dreams of being. Thus, when I have an intention, I am both the dreamer of my dreams and an aspect of the Universal Dreamers.

Taking a walk is a dream. In order to experience the dream walk, I dream that perfect walk in mind and then have the experience as a form or dream body.

While it would seem as if I was taking the dream walk on my own, the truth is I was taking the walk as the Universal Dreamers, which means the entire universe was supporting me on my journey. I could feel my body, the sun, the wind, the trees, the leaves, the ponds, the pebbles, people and animals all taking the walk with me. It had to be a perfect walk.

I could always choose to dream on my own. While I can still have access to infinite energy, when I'm not in harmony with other dreamers, chances are the day is not going to flow perfectly. It will feel as if others are trying to obstruct what I am being.

Yet another kind of dreaming is that of a human. The human dream states that you only have a limited amount of energy that has to be replenished through eating, drinking and sleeping. When you run out of energy, it's dust to dust and ashes to ashes. During my walk I noticed many people huffing and puffing and drinking plenty of fluids. I didn't need to drink anything because in my dream I am being supported by the entire universe which can never be depleted of energy.

I believe God is the sum total of all dreamers. When I call on God, I'm calling on the Universal Dreamers.


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