Saturday, May 05, 2007


I was chatting to a friend who has been feeling stuck about life and his chosen career as an actor. He sees so much pain in the world, which he believes many people are ignoring. He shared two poems he'd written about imperialism and slavery. I believed technically the poems were excellent and he performed them well. I was curious to his motivation and know how they made him feel. He believed it was his duty to help people face up to the truth of Britain's involvement in imperialism and why Britain should apologise. He said they helped him to release the pain he feels he has inside. I said if that's what he feels he needs to focus on then so be it. I choose to focus on all the GOOD there is now.

As we chatted my friend said he couldn't remember the last time he felt enthusiastic about anything. He said he felt as if he was dead. I reminded my friend about another brilliant poem he'd written which I asked him to read for me. In the poem someone is asking for help. Help arrives in the form of angels that lift him up into a place of pure love. The love is so overwhelming he feels he can't stay in that place so he asks the angels to return him to the realm of karma and pain. I said the poem seems to represent his beliefs: he would rather focus on pain than experience the love that is all around him now. He agreed but he said he felt that his way is going through the pain. I said that if he truly believes that is his path then he has to go with it. I recommended a book I'd read about a woman who went through emotional and physical pain in order to access her true being; she's even set up a school teaching the same.

As we chatted and engaged in batter and gross silly behaviour he opened up more. He shared experiences he's had that gave him joy. While he was sharing his cheeks grew rosy. I pointed this out to him that he looked very enthusiastic. He thanked me for helping him recall those moments. He even showed me lovely pictures he'd taken with his mobile while he was back home in Ireland.

Later I pondered about aliveness. Aliveness is who we are. Other names for Aliveness are Joy, Peace, Truth, Love, Life, Abundance, Beauty, Wholeness, Gratitude, Generosity and Freedom. These are attributes or gifts of the Spirit. When you are experiencing these attributes you can't help but feel alive. Everything about you comes to life. My friend had looked years younger while he was recalling his happy experiences.

Who needs to take creams and potions to look younger and more beautiful when I can simply be the Joy that I am? In fact, my body's only function is to express Joy.

Joy in all ways.


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