Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So I noticed a man standing at the bus stop. Another man he knew walked by and stopped to have a chat with him; both of them looked very happy. Although I didn't know what they were chatting about, I was very happy for them and felt their happiness.

The men's encounter reminded me of what I feel when I say to someone "I'm really happy for you!" it is literally true - I feel their happiness and joy as my own.

Can you imagine what it feels like when I'm really happy for everyone in London? We're talking pure ecstasy. Ecstasy feels like waves and waves of pleasure from inside my head, down my spine and all over my body.

Let's take it to another level. What does it feel like when I'm happy for everyone on the planet? It's just way too much joy.

And another level. What does it feel like when I'm happy for all beings in the universe? Let's just say it's bliss to the power of zillion and then some.

The easiest way to be in joy is to be happy for someone. Now do you see why I like observing people sharing their joy?

Just to let you know, I'm extremely ecstatic for you all.


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