Tuesday, May 08, 2007


On the bus my attention was drawn to Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, where people congregate to listen to those sharing their political and religious views. I have been to Speakers' Corner several times to listen to people speaking and debating issues. I have often admired people's courage for speaking out even when they're being derided by the public.

On another bus I was on, I noticed graffiti on office buildings. I bet the owners of these buildings don't appreciate this kind of art.

What drives people on to speak in public or to express graffiti on buildings?

I believe it has everything to do with Creative Intelligence/Energy that is everywhere present. What if you are so full of this energy and believe the only way you can express yourself freely is by speaking in public or displaying your version of art on buildings, even if your expression is likely to offend others?

I know what it feels like to have so much energy within you and wanting to unleash that energy. There was a time when I wasn't coping very well with this energy and my body felt like someone was passing electricity through it. I was constantly scratching my legs which left scars all over them. It didn't feel so bad during the day when I was out and about doing stuff but night times were the worst; it was pure torture. Every night I had to pray to get some sleep.

I believe the reason why I couldn't cope with the "electrical surges" was because I was seeing myself as having a form. Forms have limits. For instance, my stomach can only take so much food before I'm feeling nauseous. I can only take so much sleep before I'm feeling uncomfortable and need to wake up. I can only write for so long before I want to end the story.

While I did express a lot of the creative energy in writing and in my experiences, there were tons more inside wanting to come out. How can I express myself without doing myself an injury?

The answer was so simple. Instead of identifying myself as a limited form, know that I am Creativity. Creativity is boundless i.e. without beginning or end. As Creativity I can choose to express myself in writing, as an experience, or I can simply be the Energy. After that my legs stopped itching and were healed.

Now when I occasionally receive electric shocks, it's a reminder for me to be Creativity.

I am Creativity.


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