Thursday, May 31, 2007


I love films.

Just because I connect with some films and not with others doesn't mean they have no value. I believe all films have value for Love is in all.

Here are a few of my favourite films that have inspired me.

Mary Poppins inspired: Never Mind the Clouds
Terminator 2: Judgment Day inspired: The Father and I are One
Total Recall inspired: Nothing Can Be Added To or Taken Away from Perfection
The Truman Show inspired: Light is All and in All
Touching the Void inspired: Be True to Yourself
The Abyss inspired: The Mirror Image Experiment
Jerry Maguire inspired: A Demonstration of Oneness
StarTrek Voyager inspired: Heaven is Now
Life of Brian inspired: Are You Sure You're Ready to Receive?
Forrest Gump inspired: Sleeping Partners
The Breakfast Club inspired: Supply and Demand are One.
American Beauty inspired: Masters of Time.

I wish I had the time to watch all films that have ever been made. I'm sure I would be able to demonstrate how Love is being expressed in each film.

I am really grateful for the gift of cinema, films and television.


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