Thursday, May 03, 2007


On the bus I heard the bus driver honking at another car, presumably to alert the motorist. He honked again.

I thought to myself that the moment has already gone and the driver is wasting his honk.

You look at something and try to connect what you're seeing with a memory you have in order to make sense of it. While you're making your connections, that moment is gone and you're already stuck in the "past." What is it like to truly live in the moment?

I believe The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony video illustrates what it means to live in the moment. While the singer takes a walk he has different experiences but he never stops to consider whether he's hurt someone or not, he simply keeps going on and focuses on both who he is and where he is headed.

Imagine living like this? You are constantly focused on what needs your attention now for however long it takes and then it's on to the next thing. In other words, you just keep going. There would be no need to complain about anything, no need to regret anything, and no need to forgive anything.

Now, that's Freedom.


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