Monday, May 14, 2007


So I thought it would be fun walking round Covent Garden. Although it was quite crowded and buzzing with activity, it felt to me like nothing was going on. In fact it was as if I was completely alone and it was very peaceful. I noticed a tall man walking towards me and I recognised him as a friend I met years ago when I used to go chanting at the Hare Krishna temple. He was dressed in ordinary clothes and I wondered if he was no longer a Hare Krishna devotee, then I noticed he was carrying the Bhagavad Gita. We chatted for a few minutes about a mutual friend who used to be a Krishna devotee, the benefits of chanting, and his belief that he was going to be with Krishna after he dies. I told him I believed in being with God now. He invited me to visit the temple sometime.

I remember a while back when I saw my friend in the streets giving out books, I was so happy to see him, I hugged him. While he accepted my hug, he told me off gently about it. He said as a monk he wasn't allowed to exchange hugs. So just as I was saying goodbye I asked him if he was allowed to exchange hugs and he said no. I clasped my hands to my heart and said "Hari Krishna" and he did the same.

As I walked away I thought it was such a shame my friend and I couldn't exchange hugs because of his religious beliefs. Five minutes later I saw a friend from university. He was very open to receive my hug. He introduced me to his friend and we chatted for about an hour. Before I left I hugged both guys.

It was wonderful to have my wish fulfilled.


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