Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Going the Whole Hog

As I was walking to the bus station, I noticed our next door neighbour sitting at the local bus stop. After we said hello and exchanged hugs she asked me if she could walk with me to the main road. She said she didn't like walking on her own in that area because she'd heard people had got mugged in the area and didn't want to be attacked. While we were walking we chatted about her husband who has been ill and is housebound. At the main road we hugged and I wished her a good day and walked to the bus station.

When I got on the bus, downstairs was already full so I went upstairs. A passenger in front of me was taking her time getting up the stairs. When we finally got upstairs I found a seat but the passenger remained standing. When the bus turned the corner she nearly went flying.

I was curious about her. I noticed she had some sheets of newspaper in her hand. Before she sat down she covered the seat with the newspaper. When the bus approached her stop, she gathered her sheets and took them with her.

I wondered if she covered everywhere she went. Her not wanting to touch anything must stem from the belief in diseases and contamination. The cause of these beliefs is fear. Where there is fear there is, to a certain extent, a lack of trust.

Is it possible to have only part trust in something? Yes.

My neighbour walked with me to the main road because she trusted in me. To a certain extent she does trust in people otherwise she wouldn't be travelling on the bus. It's just that she is very selective about who she trusts.

The woman on the bus also trusted in the driver otherwise she wouldn't have got on the bus in the first place. It's just that she doesn't trust in her environment.

It would seem that if you only trust in some things and not in others then you have the equivalent experience. In other words, if you have 20% trust in something then you must expect the equivalent experience.

How can one experience trust 100%?

You have to be prepared to go the whole hog.

If the woman on the bus were to trust that life is good and not out to hurt anyone she wouldn't find it necessary to protect herself by carrying newspapers. That belief will spill out into all areas of her life.

If my neighbour were to trust that there is good in everyone, she would walk round our neighbourhood without fear. This belief will spill out into all areas of her life.

I trust in the goodness of life.
I trust in love.
I trust in the universe.
I trust in myself.


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