Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Ladder is a Ladder is a Ladder

Love is all there is.

While it seems like we are experiencing different realities, we are simply expressing Love from our different perspectives, which make us unique.

Many years ago when I was studying Pranic Healing, we were being taught distant healing. We split into pairs. The idea was for each partner to sit in different parts of the building, send/receive healing, then share any feedbacks we had. When it was my turn to receive, I saw two images in mind. First, I saw myself sitting on the grass in the park surrounded by beautiful flowers and it felt very peaceful. The second image was of a ladder.

When it came to sharing feedbacks I told the class what I'd seen. My partner said first of all she sent me peace. It now made sense why I had seen myself in a park because I find parks peaceful. What about the ladder? She said she'd scanned my inner organs and visualised herself using a ladder to climb down into my body. Aha, that's why I saw the ladder.

A ladder is a ladder is a ladder.


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