Friday, May 25, 2007

No Beginning or Ending

I believe Love has no beginning or ending, and yet every single experience I have has a beginning and ending.

Every article has a beginning and ending.
Every journey I make on the bus has a beginning and ending.
Every task I undertake has a beginning and ending.

How can I be Love that has no beginning or ending and yet experience beginnings and endings?

It is true that Love never ends nor does it have a beginning, it's just a matter of perspective.

How so?

Every experience is simply Love taking on different forms. So let's say I'm writing an article, Love takes the form of the idea or experience which I write about and publish. Once that article is finished, Love either rests or turns HER attention to dreaming a new dream.

It is endless Love that is dreaming endless dreams which have beginnings and endings.

End of this Love dream article.

On to the next Love dream.


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