Monday, May 21, 2007

The One Constant

While life appears to be in a state of flux, nothing really changes.

At the library one of the librarians informed me about the changes that were about to occur. She said most of the librarians I was familiar with were being moved to other branches. This meant there was only going to be one librarian I know and the rest will be new faces. I wished her well in her new post.

On the one hand, it's nice to work with people I'm used to working with; and they are lovely people. On the other hand, I will get used to the new people. Besides, what difference does it make who the librarians are as long as they are implementing the same policy? Put another way, who cares what masks Love is wearing as long as He is being Love?

Speaking of masks, on the bus yesterday I whiled the time away with my head literally in the clouds. I was looking for a heart shape cloud formation. A young man getting off the bus attracted my attention. I noticed he was gazing at someone in the bus with such admiration. Lucky girl (or boy) for having such a cute guy's attention. It was then realised it was me he was staring at. His gaze was so intense I looked away. Just before the bus drove away I smiled and waved and he smiled and waved back. I've still got it attracting a boy young enough to be my son. That really made my day.

In the world things change and people move on. In reality nothing ever changes because it is the same old Love wearing the many different masks.

I trust in Love.


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