Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Playing the Game

Yesterday, I went to a poetry performance at my favourite bookshop. The host announced that there was one slot available and asked if anyone wanted to perform one poem. He had obviously already lined up poets to perform. I said I wanted to perform. It was my first time performing at this particular bookshop. He put me on first. Yes, I know your game, get the rubbish poet on first, then make her look bad by bringing on the real poets.

I told him I wasn't strictly a poet but just playing at being one. So when he announced me, he told everyone I was only playing.

The wonderful thing about playing at being a performance poet is there's no pressure at all. I felt really relaxed and had fun reading this poem I had been inspired to write after the bombing in London two years ago.

It was good to watch the "professionals" in action. Poetry is truly an art form.

Maybe, I'll attend another venue and play at being a performance poet. Who knows, I may very well become an expert at this game...or not.

It's fun to play.


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