Friday, May 04, 2007

Post-It Notes

In the film, Bruce Almighty, God gives Bruce God powers to see if he can do a better job than Him. At one point Bruce starts hearing prayers from people as voices in his head. He tries recording each request on a Post-It note but he's soon swamped with post-it notes. His next strategy is to record the prayers on a computer. Because he can't cope with everyone's requests he gives everyone what they want. The effect is that everyone who played the lottery in his local area that week ends up winning the lottery, each player receiving a grand total of $17, which causes a riot. It's a hilarious movie and well worth watching.

I consider all articles I share as post-it notes that I use as timely reminders to myself. If I were to use real post-it notes, I would be swamped. It's a lot easier and cost effective for me to type my reminders as articles, and to list them in alphabetical order so I can have easy access as and when.

These articles are for my own personal use only and not intended to instruct readers in any way. If readers find what I'm sharing useful, that's wonderful; if not, that's also wonderful. Besides, everyone has access to the Truth of being, it's a matter of trusting in what works for each individual.

End of note.


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